September 30, 2023

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QuTech launches Quantum Network Explorer for public quantum network experiments – IT Pro – News

QuTech has launched a website to conduct experiments on quantum networks. Quantum Network Explorer allows users to simulate quantum key generation, among other things.

Quantum Network Explorer It offers a simple graphical interface to learn about quantum networks even without specialized knowledge. User Experiences are currently still running on QuTech’s simulation platforms, NetSquid employment SimulaQronThe long-term goal is to connect quantum devices to Quantum Network Explorer.

The site allows both beginners and experts to conduct experiments. Three scenarios were pre-selected for this for starters: distributed CNOT, quantum teleportation and QKD. The first application allows users to perform a CNOT operation through a controller and target node of the network. Quantum teleportation simulates the sharing of an entangled quantum state of two qubits, which is called bell state Or an EPR pair, perhaps. QKD stands for Quantum Key Distribution and in this experiment users can generate quantum keys, also using EPR pairs.

Users can run tests on simulated networks with nodes in Randstad, the Netherlands or Europe. No login required, but those who wish to save experiences are advised to create a free account. For experts, there is the QNE Application Development Kit, with which they can create their own protocols and applications. They can then be added to the graphical interface for others to use.

QuTech mainly focuses on students, researchers and developers of software with tools. The goal is to disseminate knowledge about quantum networks and build a community of users who gain experience working with quantum networks. Tweaker published the article last year Dutch simulation should introduce programmers to the quantum network About QuTech’s plans for a working quantum network and simulations to learn about this.

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