April 21, 2024

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Rapper Kanye West releases Merch with Balenciaga in honor of latest album |  style

Rapper Kanye West releases Merch with Balenciaga in honor of latest album | style

After three great listeners and several late release dates, Kanye’s 10th album finally came out yesterday. Due to the uproar that the artist made about the long-awaited “Donda”, people had suspected for some time that there was much more to come than just an album, and these doubts were confirmed. With 27 editions released, a merchandise collection in collaboration with the fashion house Balenciaga was also announced yesterday.

eccentric singer, Who officially changed his name from Kanye to Ye last week, is not exactly known for its mediocre performance. On the contrary, he prefers it big, and his last Donda listening party, last Thursday, was further proof of that.

Marrying Kim again

Donda is the name of Kanye’s mother who died in 2007 at the age of 58 from complications following liposuction, tummy tucks, and breast reduction. The album was dedicated to her. For the final and final performance of the album, Kanye dropped a Recreate a replica of his childhood home in Chicago on stage.

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But that wasn’t the biggest surprise: ex-wife Kim Kardashian also appeared on stage in a Balenciaga Couture wedding dress. Many hinted at reconciliation, according to other sources, the two are not back together, but continue to support each other.

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Striking: Until now Kim was the only person who followed West on Instagram, but since last weekend, he’s also been following Balenciaga. Not all of this is accidental. It was announced yesterday that the Spanish fashion house has co-designed Kanye’s new album, and that’s special to say the least. The set is called “Engineered by Balenciaga” and consists of two long-sleeved shirts, a hat and a black mask that covers almost your entire face. The rapper always wore this mask in recent weeks when he appeared in the audience. The T-shirts show a photo of his childhood home and what is supposed to be a childhood photo of Donda West. Prices fluctuate between $60 (about €50) and $200 (about €170) and are on sale at West site.


However, the album was not released without controversy. So was rapper Dababi and singer Marilyn Manson Present at the last listening party. The first recently caused an uproar with his homophobic statements, and the second was accused of sexual assault by several women. It can also be heard on the song “Jail pt two”, which was released a few hours after the album. “Universal released my album without my permission and blocked ‘Jail 2’ from appearing on the album,” Kanye wrote on Instagram.

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