September 30, 2023

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This same chef is crowned the 'King of Seafood' in 'Snackmasters' |  showbiz

This same chef is crowned the ‘King of Seafood’ in ‘Snackmasters’ | showbiz

TVMarcelo and Pajtim kick off the first episode of the new season of Snackmasters. An exciting fight, but only one of them has a place in the semi-finals.

Who makes the best seafood with chocolate? This is the question that the members of the jury are considering. Chef 1 – Marcelo – really gets great reviews. It seems that “the taste is very close to our taste”. “Very impressive.” Chef 2 – Bagtim – also gets praise: “Dark chocolate has such a nice sheen, that wasn’t there now,” the jury said. “It really is going well. It is a very difficult choice.”

But of course a decision must be made. Who crowns himself the king of seafood? After careful consideration, the jury chose Chef 1 Marcello. “The texture of his praline was particularly remarkable,” the jury said. “Very close to the original praline.” Marcelo is really happy with his victory. “I’ll admit I hate chocolate,” he reveals.

“Snackmasters”, every Monday at 20.35 on VTM and on VTM GO.

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