June 18, 2024

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Raymond Rock Main Theater gets a new location: "We expect about 2,000 visitors in the new Mercatoreiland" (Kruibeke)

Raymond Rock Main Theater gets a new location: “We expect about 2,000 visitors in the new Mercatoreiland” (Kruibeke)

A mix of ex-leader and scout roll up their sleeves for Raymond Rock under the typical Mercator Island willow. © dvk


In the coming days, the local Scouts will set up a stage on Mercator Island in Roblemond for the release of a remake of Repmond Rock. The organization must be creative in design to accommodate the same number of visitors, as it is the first time the event has been held in the new Mercatoreiland.

Dieter Vershoren

Friday will be the start of a new release of Repmond Rock with free additional work. On Saturdays, the festival site opens around 4pm with ongoing performances by live bands and DJs. Flip Kowlier, RHEA, and home legend Yves Deruyter, among others, colorized the poster. A second stage was also created: Raymond Rive. In that tent, local talents are ready to unleash harsh beats on the audience.


The main stage will be given a new location in the arena. This is necessary to make optimum use of space in the newly constructed Mercatoreiland, which has become noticeably smaller due to the construction of a bike dam. “However, we will be able to receive approximately the same number, thanks to the clever design of the festival site,” says Pavo Croisert of Rebond Rock. “The entrance will now also be in a different location, on the bike dam accessible via the Dijkstraat. There will also be a spacious bike shed.”

Shuttle Buses

Since getting around central Rupelmonde is not ideal with narrow roads and one-way streets, Repmond Rock also uses shuttle buses. One departs from P&R in Melsele and drives through Kruibeke to Rupelmonde and also back. A bus also leaves from the festival site to Temse and Elversele.

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Another novelty will be found on the same site. “We build our own Raymond Rock Café,” says Bavu. There, those looking for added value will be able to enjoy a drink in peace and watch the festivities from the dam. We consciously put more energy into the festival presentation. There is a new vision to make Repmond Rock a comfortable and beautiful place. We also consider a splash of rain, but we won’t cover everything. Although there will be room for shelter if necessary.”

Repmond Rock ticket sales are now going very well. If you still want to get a ticket of 18 euros each, you can do so until midnight Thursday evening. Tickets are also still available at the box office.