June 20, 2024

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Corona equals other diseases

Corona equals other diseases

from our reporter
Oranjestad – The government is working to reduce the Corona crisis further. As of yesterday, the recovery phase is officially in effect. This means, among other things, that corona has been linked to other diseases. The government no longer takes action, the choice is up to the citizen.

Prime Minister Evelyn Weaver-Cross (MEP) announced this at a press conference yesterday. She stressed that Aruba is still in the Corona crisis, “because the recovery phase is part of the crisis.” However, the modus operandi and politics have been curtailed. The redemption phase will be valid until December 31. “We worked on the basis of the national decree regarding the catastrophes, but we are withdrawing this today,” he added.
The government equates corona with other diseases, and the prime minister has given rubella as an example. “If you feel sick, it is your responsibility to go to the doctor. Testing and isolation are no longer mandatory. The government will no longer check whether Corona patients are staying at home.” The government will continue to monitor the worrisome socio-economic impacts and implications for mental health care.
Aruba received its first two cases of coronavirus on March 13, 2020. The government has set up a crisis team. Schools closed, borders closed and curfews imposed. It was a unique situation for Aruba. The streets were empty, the hotels were empty, and the airport was empty. From June, the borders with the United States and the Netherlands reopened. The pressure on health care has increased dramatically. Finally, the Prime Minister indicated that the Department of Public Health (DVG) came up with a testing policy, and later also a vaccination policy. “Together with all the front lines, we’ve made it.”

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