December 1, 2023

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Read a live blog of the attack on Israel from Sunday, October 8 here

Read a live blog of the attack on Israel from Sunday, October 8 here

Jaga, an Israeli volunteer group that responds to terror attacks and other disasters, says it has already found more than 250 bodies at a festival site in the south of the country. A spokesman for the group told various Israeli media outlets.

Hamas militants attacked the participants of the rave near the Gaza Strip border on Saturday. Countless people are reported to have been trafficked from the festival site to the Gaza Strip. The media quoted eyewitnesses who spoke of a massacre. Videos circulating online show revelers running away from the sight of the attackers.

Parents of many young people who attended Saturday’s rave in Kibbutz Ra’im have been searching for news of their children, who have been missing since yesterday.

The music festival at the kibbutz had the theme of peace and tranquility. A large number of artists, including foreign ones, performed.

As far as we know, there were visitors from Japan, France, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom.

One of the dead was former Israeli soccer player Lior Azulin. This was confirmed by his club Hapol Tel Aviv in X.

It is not clear if the official death toll from the Hamas attack, which exceeds 700, includes the bodies found by Israeli authorities in Jaga.

ANP / EPA – Victims of the attack on the festival in Kibbutz Re’im are airlifted from Beersheba to Tel Aviv.
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