April 16, 2024

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Real Harry Styles fans walk away from his concert on Thursday: 'I worked on my clothes for 3 months' |  Nina

Real Harry Styles fans walk away from his concert on Thursday: ‘I worked on my clothes for 3 months’ | Nina

On Thursday, singer Harry Styles will be in our country. Thousands of fans gear up for the scene at Sportpaleis, and those going to the party should think twice about the outfit. Columns, sequins, florals: inadvertently, fans themselves created an eccentric dress code, inspired by the patterns of style icons Himself† Spoiler: Get those wide leg pants at home.

With British singer Harry Styles, “Love on tour” will set the Sports Palace on fire this Thursday. However, if we are to believe social media, as many videos are circulating about his past concerts in the US. And what else stands out? The fans really go Everyone is outside with their clothes. From shimmer and blush pink to subtle plumes: you can see it all. They naturally base their extroverted looks on their elegant icon styles, but they also inspire each other. They do so under the hashtag #HSLOToutfit on social media.

This hashtag has been around since September when Styles’ tour began and she is popular on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. The hashtag with outfit ideas has now been viewed at least 253.9 million times on the last platform. In the videos, you can see how Harrys (that’s what fans themselves call) spend months designing and tailoring their looks. The least you can say is that they are attentive to details.

From kiwi to sunflower

For example, we see Lyndsay from Manchester adapt in the video below with her friend. In addition to the boas, cowboy hat and glitter, she also wears kiwi earrings. Nice link to Styles song of the same name. Still in the fruit department: Lots of watermelon. Harry’s song “Sugar Melon” It became a worldwide hit and we see a lot of winks in fan outfits.

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And we’ve already said it: cowboy hats. Preferably paired with bright pink 70’s suits. This look is based on a Coachella performance as Styles boosted the cotton candy content with sparkly pink pants with a matching bodice and hat.

The 23-year-old also recorded on Twitter. She chose a self-crochet dress with sunflowers. Because again: Harry Styles has a song called ‘Sunflower’.

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“I will not work in a costume for another artist for three months, for fear of being seen by a stranger during the concert,” she told the American “Refinery 29” website. “But when Harry performs, I just know that I’m understanding and appreciative.”

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Harry Styles at Coachella.

Harry Styles at Coachella. © Getty Images for Coachella

fashion editor

And that’s what Harry Styles is all about: being yourself. So says our fashion editor David. “Harry isn’t about his image, it’s really real. In 2022, it’s going to become more and more common for men to show their sensitivity, and to expand that to their style. Earrings for men? Well. That’s partly due to influencers like styles.” Then there is also Corona which caused the tour to be postponed. Fans had enough time to think about their clothes and especially a lot of passion for them all the way To go after all that sitting at home.

Still looking for a costume for Thursday? We put the question to fashion editor David. “Choose lots of hearts, polka dots, chic pajama suits, wide-leg jeans and rainbow-colored accessories.” In short, everything is out of style Himself would attract. It mostly comes down to how you feel in the outfit. Hopefully it’s as radiant as all the glitter on the top (the clear one).

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