December 7, 2023

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Missy Gray makes tough statements and supports JK Rowling: 'Changing your parts doesn't make you a woman' |  Famous People

Missy Gray makes tough statements and supports JK Rowling: ‘Changing your parts doesn’t make you a woman’ | Famous People

Famous PeoplePiers Morgan Uncensored didn’t steal his name. On the famous British broadcaster’s talk show, all the guests say exactly what they think, even when their opinions are controversial. His latest guest, singer Missy Gray, made some harsh statements about transgender people. “Because you’re having surgery, you’re not a woman.”

Messi talked about racism, and the “problematic” US flag, among other things. But her most notable statements were about transgender people. “It’s twofold, when you talk about racism, there are many angles around it. It’s the same thing as if you were talking about women. Even if you basically have the same opinion, you often have a different point of view.” Host Piers Morgan noted, “Today, celebrities are even afraid to say what a woman is, or what they think a woman is.”

“Right,” Messi said. “It’s starting to confuse us with that ‘he/she/that’…people call themselves all kinds of things these days. To me, a woman is a human with a chest and a vagina.”

Pierce and Massey agree to support transgender rights because everyone has equal rights. But they do not think it is fair to allow transgender women of obvious physical advantage to participate in women’s sports competitions. “It’s not fair,” Pearce said.

“Yes. People will hate me for saying this, but changing your parts doesn’t make you a woman,” Gray continues. “I’m sure he knows. If you want me to call you ‘she’, I’ll do it because you want me to. But that doesn’t make you a woman. Women live a totally unique experience, being a little girl is a totally unique story. No surgery can give you that much.” Experience “. They also briefly discussed the statements of J.K. Rowling, who argued that men could take offense at the fact that they could call themselves a woman without any conditions. “That’s the truth. I don’t think you should be called transphobic because you’re telling the truth.”

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