June 14, 2024

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Realme emulates Apple’s dynamic island in a new phone

Realme emulates Apple’s dynamic island in a new phone

Apple introduced it last year iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max At the top of the screen, the dynamic island: a grain-shaped screen island as the back of the screen, the notch.

The Dynamic Island is a thin black oval that actually consists of two pieces: a circular hole for the selfie camera and an oval hole for Face ID and other sensors. The OLED display between and around it turns the notch into a dynamic element on the screen. Apple uses the bar as a place to display notifications and system notifications, among other things.

Economical smartphone

Realme is now the first Android manufacturer to launch a similar concept in a new smartphone. the new Realme C55 It is an affordable smartphone that was launched in Indonesia this week.

Realme calls the virtual screen island a “mini-capsule”. It takes up the space around the selfie camera by simply displaying notifications, charging status, and other information. Mini Capsule is only part of the program. Realme plans to add more features to it later, such as showing the pedometer and mobile data usage.

The device is equipped with Android 13 and comes according to what was stated by the European CEO of Realme Francis Wong Also soon on the market in Europe. Realme C55 has a 6.7-inch 90Hz LCD display and MediaTek Helio G88 chipset. The price is about 200 euros.

DynamicSpot app for Android

Android phone users can use the app dynamic spot They also equipped the screen of their devices with a virtual pill-shaped notch, similar to Apple’s Dynamic Island. This can include notifications and system messages.

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Users who click on it open the respective application. If they hold down DynamicSpot a little longer, the area expands and they see more details or buttons to play or pause music, for example.

iPhone 15

It is rumored that all versions of the iPhone 15 that will appear this fall will have a display with Dynamic Island. ordinary iPhone 14 And the 14 Plus still has the old notch.

The notch, which Apple introduced in the iPhone X in 2017, has been copied by many Android phone manufacturers in the years since.