June 17, 2024

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Reborn OH Leuven pushes KV Kortrijk deep after one-sided basement crack |  Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

Reborn OH Leuven pushes KV Kortrijk deep after one-sided basement crack | Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

Man of the match: Youssef Mazes is just what OH Leuven needed, a focal point for hardworking Leuven residents. Thanks to his composure on the ball, and Price’s new 5-4-1 formation, the home team felt more secure against what could also be called a weak Kortrijk.

Key moment: Today the first half will only be remembered for one thing – Leuven’s opening goal. A corner kick after a dramatic pass from Mohsatou fell on Rica’s head falling backwards and then into the Vandenberghe goal. Edited by OH Leuven, new screw for KVK.

distinct: With the exception of the opening goal, the goals were for the first time. Teenager Joel Xingtian was a starter for the first time after training at Anderlecht and the OHL, and Youssef Mazes came in from FC Metz this week.

Mark Bryce will sleep better tonight. Then yesterday, but also a colleague Edward Steele. With 1 from 18, he and KVK remain behind, and if Westerlo gets points, it will be in their hands.

In Leuven, it was a 1-0 scoreline that broke Kortrijk’s feathers five minutes before half-time. Not that the OHL team was much better, it was a game full of sloppiness, between two teams that seemed to have forgotten how to play soccer. Then to the corner, after a pass that would prevent Mohsatou from sleeping tonight. As a right-back in his position, he gave a corner kick on the left. Rica headed well, Mazes with an initial pass to Leuven’s paymaster.

Kortrijk had to attack after that drama, and that is now becoming difficult for KVK. Negligence, a lot of neglect, and plenty of space made Lovin’s job easy. Kadri and Avenatti are bright spots in the Mariana Trench.

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Firstly, Kortrijk’s defense opened up space for the eager central defender Xingtian, who scored his first goal on a tray by Kien. And again, when by luck (he will claim skill, don’t believe him) Mendel ran past the wretched Mohasatu. And in the center was Mazes, ready for the evening’s death sentence.

In Leuven, the boys showed what they deserve through quality, and it looks like the season has now started. Going 5 out of 18 isn’t surprising, but if an OHL team dares to play football, there’s something to be found for that. A long bus ride to West Flanders awaits KVK, and then a very long season.

Edward Steele (KV Kortrijk): “It was not a 3-0 game today. We were not bad in the first half, but we missed a corner kick with a stupid mistake. I instructed the players during the first half not to panic, but we missed a stupid goal again.” “The details are not on our side. A centre-back who can run sixty meters and kick a ball that changes direction.”

He still believes in Kortrijk’s abilities. He added: “There are a lot of new players in the heart of the defence, and we have to build a new defence. I believe 200% that this can still be corrected, and I have full confidence in our work.”

Mark Bryce (Lovin’ Ohio): “The atmosphere in football can change quickly. In two directions. I am very satisfied today, especially with how the players handled the pressure before the match. They handled it professionally and with a lot of commitment.”

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“Very happy with Mazez, great. In addition to his goal, he was also valuable during the match. Simple, he didn’t focus on his performance, he played the team’s job. Paying attention to the transitions, he gave a very good performance.” “, Even though he wasn’t fit yet. Same for Xintian, he was beating the first team. He’s getting better every time, it’s great that he can score on his debut.”

Marco Cana (KV Kortrijk): “Everything happened so quickly. I signed late last night, and today I came here early with the team. I wasn’t able to train with them, but I see there is quality. We started poorly, but give us time and that’s it.” “It gets better.” Kana, who was recruited from Anderlecht, was the only KV Kortrijk player who wanted to appear on camera.

Joel Shengtian (Ohio Leuven): “The coach already told me during the week that I was going to start. It was fun to play last season, but every footballer wants to start. For my goal, I just shot it when I got in front of the goal. It’s a matter of luck. But it’s a good goal.”

Youssef Maziz (Ohio Leuven): “What more could I ask for to make a debut, score a goal and an assist? But I have to be very grateful to the group, I integrated well into the group thanks to them and after that it became easier on the pitch. Why me?” “In Leuven, and no longer in the French League? Some things, which I will not mention yet, convinced me. My focus now is on Leuven.”

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