September 22, 2023

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Red Devils almost certain of European Championship after missing out on despairing Estonia, Lukaku strikes twice |  Euro 2024 qualifiers

Red Devils almost certain of European Championship after missing out on despairing Estonia, Lukaku strikes twice | Euro 2024 qualifiers

A losing victory felt good. The Red Devils are almost certain of the European Championship after an easy win over a desperate Estonia. Vertonghen’s Jubilee opened the goal celebration. This was followed by a brilliant goal from Trossard and a brace from record holder Romelu Lukaku. De Ketelaere also scored his goal.

Belgium – Estonia in brief:

  • Key moment: Although the Estonians can’t win at any point, a 2-0 lead offers no guarantees for the Red Devils. At the beginning of the second half, Romelu Lukaku scored all three points. With two goals in as many minutes, he finally accounted for Estonia.
  • Man of the match: Many outstanding talents for the Red Devils, especially in midfield with Mangala and Onana. But the man who stands out the most is Lukaku. The Roma striker scored his seventh and eighth goal of the campaign tonight. Jose Mourinho wanted to see it happen.
  • distinct: Estonia and Belgium have already faced each other 10 times in European Championship and World Cup qualifiers. The Belgians have come out on top no less than 9 times. Only in 2009, during qualifying for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, did the Devils suffer an embarrassing defeat in Tallinn.

Vertonghen and Troussard benefit from demonic domination

Scoring in your 150th match for the Red Devils, could it get any better? Just 3 minutes later, Jan Vertonghen gave his anniversary match an added flare with a header from a corner kick. A great moment for the international record and the beginning of a dream for the Red Devils.

Birthday boy Domenico Tedesco could not have wished for a better reaction after his mistake against Azerbaijan. He dropped Tielemans and Bakayoko from the team in favor of Mangala and Doku and those changes turned out to be a target. Doku in particular made it very difficult for the Estonian defence.

Before the first 20 minutes were over the score was 2-0. Trossard began to dribble on the edge of the sixteen and pushed the ball well into the intersection. There wasn’t much in the way, but it didn’t make the goal any less beautiful.

Belgian dominance was total, and weak Estonia was surrounded. So it was a shock when suddenly, thanks to a big push, Anier beat Weiss and decided on the crossbar.

It was nothing more than a cosmetic defect. The Red Devils remained master and master. Shortly before half-time, the score almost became 3-0, but Hein had an excellent reaction to Doku’s shot.

Two strikes for Lukaku, and De Ketelayer puts the icing on the cake

Lukaku failed to score against Azerbaijan for the first time in 16 European Championship and World Cup qualifiers and did not want that to happen for the second time in a row. Käit gave him a nice gift with an unexpected loss of the ball, but Hein was alert and prevented the new AS Roma striker from making it 3-0.

After more than five minutes, Lukaku scored his goal. Mangala released the ball perfectly, putting the ball out of reach of Hayne with a cross shot. Estonia is now completely on the ropes.

No sooner had the Belgian fans finished celebrating than they were allowed to cheer for Lukaku again. Two minutes after his first goal, he scored his second goal of the evening. With his back to the goal, he passed the ball past Hayne in turn: 4-0.

Immediately after his double, Lukaku received a round of applause and passed the baton to Obinda. After a pass from Doku, he quickly had an excellent opportunity to make it 5-0, but decided to take on Heine directly at the goalkeeper.

The result of the loss in the end came thanks to another substitute. After a wonderful pass from Doku, De Kittilairei put Pascuzzi very well into the wind and from an acute angle Heen also shot. The culmination of the match was a very convincing performance by the Belgians.

  1. Second half, 93rd minute, the match is over
  2. Second half, minute 92, over. Encouragement on all the Red Devils benches. With a crushing 5-0 win, the Belgians shook off their poor performance against Azerbaijan. Record international Vertonghen paved the way early and before half-time Trossard made it 2-0. Lukaku completely crushed the Estonia national team with two quick goals at the end of the first half. De Ketelaere put the frosting on the cake at the end. .
  3. Second half, minute 91. Siket shoots wide. Doku continues to give everything left, he is tireless. The ball eventually reaches Siket and the newcomer’s shot goes just wide of the sixteen. .
  4. Second half, minute 89.
  5. Second half, minute 88. De Ketelaer puts the icing on the cake! Charles de Kittilari completed the ceremony with a brilliant goal. On Doku’s instructions, he cleverly put Paskotsi into the wind and from an acute angle took Hein as well. .
  6. The second half goal in the 88th minute was scored by the Belgian Charles De Ketelier. 5, 0.
  7. Second half, minute 86. Once again all hands on Estonia’s side. Lukebakio returns a cross from Thiati in front of the goal, but Onana cannot get past Haine. The Red Devils take a corner kick that results in nothing. .
  8. Second half, minute 84. Applause for Vertonghen. Huge applause and all hands on top for Jan Vertonghen. The record international set a good example tonight with his opening goal and can now put an end to his 150th cap. Zino Debast, his Anderlecht team-mate, relieves him. .
  9. Second half, minute 84. Substitution for Belgium, Zino Debast, Jan Vertonghen exits
  10. Second half, minute 83. Fortunately, Doku had possession of the ball and had his chance from an acute angle. Pascuzzi is able to block his attempt from a corner kick for the Belgians. .
  11. Second half, minute 83.
  12. Second half, minute 80. Party at King Baudouin Stadium. The Mexican wave passes through the stadium. After a disappointing performance against Azerbaijan, the Red Devils will have a party tonight. Estonians are nothing more than extras. Honor savior isn’t even remotely possible. .
  13. Second half, minute 76. Substitution for Estonia, with Martin Miller on and Matthias Keet off
  14. Second half, minute 75. Disappointment is evident on Onana’s face. His strong effort was not rewarded with a foul selection by Lukebakio. He takes a medium shot instead of a pass. It doesn’t matter much with this situation. .
  15. Second half, minute 71. Yellow card for De Ketelaer. De Ketelaere impatiently falls into the penalty area in a duel with Tamm. Referee Frankowski even considered it a deceptive dive and gave the substitute a yellow card. .
  16. Yellow card for Belgium player Charles De Kittilari in the second half, in the 70th minute
  17. Second half, minute 69.
  18. Second half, minute 69. Opinda is close to 5-0. Openda suddenly had an excellent opportunity to make it 5-0 at Doku’s request. Only for Hein to shoot the ball straight at the goalkeeper. .
  19. Second half, minute 68. Doku shoots over the goal. Doku has not yet been able to crown his strong match with a goal. He puts Pascuzzi into the wind easily, but then he can’t keep his shot low enough. .
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