March 25, 2023

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Red Wolves fall again against Greece and no longer have a chance to win a ticket to the European Championship | EC handball

“It makes me so tired,” goalkeeper Jef Lettens sighed after the narrow home defeat by Greece. The Belgians again got a short finish and, perhaps, had to give up their dream of the European Championship.

However, that did not negate the drive to set things right against the Greeks. The Belgians got off to a scathing start and flashed past a dreadful Greece.

Under the momentum of shooters Coleman, DePaul, and Cadel, the Red Wolves evaporated after taking a 5-10 lead. A margin they wanted to hold on to until the end of the first half.

But this was beyond the home team. Within a few minutes, the Greeks had climbed over Belgium, which suddenly no longer knew how to score. Score: 13-12 at halftime, a harbinger of a very exciting second half.

And both teams kept up, until the home team achieved a two-goal difference. The Belgians are still hanging on, but their acceleration into the lock came too late.

Just like in the first leg, the numbers 26 and 24 are on the scoreboard. Another narrow defeat for the Wolverhampton group, who no longer had a chance at the European Championships after the draw between the Netherlands and Croatia.

“We are certainly disappointed, but we also showed that we can fight until the end,” said Louis Delpier.

“After a good 25 minutes we played the Greeks game and lacked decisiveness in front of goal. Our defense held together well, but we couldn’t recover enough from the blow before half-time.”

“At the beginning of the second half, we again controlled the game. Greece could only score a goal, but the follow-up left a lot to be desired.”

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