June 13, 2024

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Regula Yesvigin won the Culinary Oscar in America

Regula Yesvigin won the Culinary Oscar in America

Regula Ysewijn with his book Dark Rye and Honey Cake Won the prestigious James Beard Award in the ‘Baking and Desserts’ category. The James Beard Awards are presented annually in various categories and are known as the Oscars of the culinary world in the United States.

The winners were announced Saturday evening during a keynote event at the Chicago Opera. Ysewijn was up against two American candidates in his category. Abby Balingot is an American with Filipino roots @theduskykitchen Almost 18,000 followers on Instagram. He wrote a book about the fusion of Filipino and American desserts.

Good recognition

Another nominee is from San Diego Natasha Pickovich, has made a name for herself as a pastry chef in New York and is active as an activist, including women’s rights. She was nominated with than cake. Pickowicz, the owner of two popular pastry shops in New York, has nearly 55,000 followers on Instagram.

Ysewijn was able to continue the records for the following season Bake Flanders He did not attend the ceremony but was delighted by the victory. “I never thought I would be eligible for such a prestigious award,” she said in an earlier interview with Trends. “It’s a great recognition of my work.”

Traditional cuisine

Dark Rye and Honey Cake as appeared in Dutch From waffles to cakes. Pastries from the Low Countries For all the celebrations of the year. In the book, Ysewijn tells the stories behind our traditional foods like waffles, speculas and other cookies. The book is full of historical information about our traditions and celebrations, supplemented with original, but adapted recipes. Especially the historical background is appreciated by the jury of the awards.

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Ysewijn is well known in our country as a jury member of the shows Bake Flanders And Junior back off. He has already written several history books about our food culture. An exhibition about real cafes, based on his book, is currently running at the Geneva Museum in Hasselt. Authentic Belgian cafes. She blogs as @missfoodwise Also has 55,000 followers on Instagram.