April 17, 2024

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Remer on the best player: “We can sell him in January”

Remer on the best player: “We can sell him in January”

At RSC Anderlecht they saw how AA Gent, Royal Antwerp FC and KRC Genk exited the market weak. They have all lost their spice. Brian Rimmer talked about Purple White's politics.

Zeno Debaste

“We are a well-managed club. Of course we are a club that has to sell. That's the case with every club. However, I'm satisfied that we managed to keep the core together. But we also tied.” “Making a plan with certain players,” Reimer said.

“We know that Debast will not play for Anderlecht forever. You make a plan with these players. I hope that one day he will return to the RSCA to finish his career there. We could sell Zeno in the summer and winter, but that was not the case.” “Part of our plan,” he added.

Maybe Anderlecht now has the best team in Belgium? “That's the difficult question. I will say I have the best players, but another coach will too. Club Brugge also has a great team, Union SG as well of course. Everyone knows this.”

“Antwerp have lost a few players, but they are still there. Genk and Gent are struggling a little bit for known reasons. The top six will be very open and it will be very difficult to predict who will qualify. We have a strong core, but we know we have come far,” Rimmer concluded. Long after last season. “That was only twelve months ago.”