June 5, 2023

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Rental policy in 2022 |  Aedes

Rental policy in 2022 | Aedes

From July 1, 2022, it is possible to implement an income-related rent increase for high-income (middle-income) social housing tenants during the annual rent adjustment. With an annual rent adjustment prior to July 1, 2022, an income-related rent increase cannot be implemented. Until that date, the rent freeze was in effect for all social rented homes.

The method for the income-related rent increase in 2022 will be different than in previous years. Depending on the income, the rent increase can be up to 50 euros or a maximum of 100 euros. The income limit that can be exceeded for an income-related rent increase also depends on the size of the family. Different limits apply to one-person households compared to multi-person households.

Table of Income Categories for Income-related Rent Increase (Price Level 2021*)
High average income high entry
Families for one 47.077 EUR – 55,500 EUR Above 55,500 Euro
Multiple families 54.196 EUR – 74.000 EUR Above 74,000 euros
hooverhogging Max 50€** Maximum €100**

*) Income limits will be indexed as of January 1, 2022
**) but not more than the maximum allowable house rent

For a housing association, income from an income-related rent increase is included in the rent. Only when performance agreements are made on the use of this additional rental income for investments, this income can be excluded from the rental. In addition, income may not exceed the investments agreed in the performance agreements.

The income-related rent increase may not be less than the rent increase normally allowed for each home. In other words, the rent after the income-related rent increase must be higher than if the rent was increased by +1% inflation. Practically speaking, this means that as a housing association, you must determine which homes the rent will be higher with an income-related rent increase, say €50, than if the rent is increased with inflation +1%. You can only request income statements for those homes. This can play a role in homes that already have a high rent or where inflation is high.

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As a housing association, it is only possible to apply the income-related rent increase to higher-income families and not to upper-middle-income families.

With the new method effective July 1, 2022, the exception for households with 1 or more persons eligible for AOW and households of 4 or more persons has been ended. Households with a disabled or chronically ill person remain exempt from the income-related rent increase.