June 24, 2024

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Research Sciensano: Less chance of infection with corona in case...

Research Sciensano: Less chance of infection with corona in case…

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Those who are vaccinated are less likely to get infected and become less contagious at once if they do become infected. This is evident from a study by the Sciensano Health Institute, which was published in the international professional journal Vaccine. Important note: the results go back to before the delta variable became prevalent in our country.

For the study, Sciensano compared the risks of a positive test for 8,000 high-risk immunized contacts with 282,000 high-risk unvaccinated contacts. This showed that full vaccination with the mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) reduced the risk of infection by 74 to 85 percent. Since Sciensano took into account all positive tests, including those who did not show symptoms, the degree of protection is slightly lower than studies of protection from the symptomatic form of the disease.

52 percent less transfer

Those who have been vaccinated also transmit the virus more often, according to infection among 990 infected people after full vaccination and their unvaccinated high-risk contacts. Vaccinated people transmit the virus 52 to 62 percent less than unvaccinated people. If high-risk contacts are vaccinated, there are about 90 percent fewer infections.

Variable delta circuit breakers are possible

Since this study was conducted before the delta variant became dominant in our country, Sciensano calls for caution. The researchers do not exclude that protection against this variant is less effective.

The data that Sciensano used are test results and contact tracing data from the end of January to the end of June 2021. At that time, quarantine rules did not distinguish between people who had already been vaccinated and people who had not yet received a vaccine. : After a high-risk contact follows quarantine and two PCR tests for everyone.

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