May 26, 2022

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Residents of Kyiv: I will not leave.  This is where my family is buried.”

Residents of Kyiv: I will not leave. This is where my family is buried.”

The war in Ukraine has been going on for twenty days. Many videos of the armed conflict are still being filmed. In this article we list some eye-catching photos, which have been verified by the editors.

1. I will not leave here, my family is buried here

It is estimated that half of Kyiv’s population has fled the city or country. Those who are left behind do so out of necessity or conviction. “I don’t want to leave here, I’m defending this city to the end,” it seems. Meanwhile, the pressure on the capital is mounting: in recent days, a residential tower and a weapons factory have been hit by Russian missiles. Five people were killed as a result. Watch some testimonials in the video above.

2. Pedestrians survive worse when the missile lands

Russian forces patiently encircle Kyiv. They are bombing the outskirts of the capital, and many apartment buildings have already been bombed in recent days. The remaining Kyiv residents should be careful.

3. Military chariots in grab in Mariupol and Volnovacha

Not only do Ukrainian citizens post countless war videos on social media every day. Ukrainian and Russian soldiers also regularly use their smartphones to record the war from their point of view.

Members of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion captured the video below of a Ukrainian BTR-4. They show how Ukrainian soldiers in the car drove out some Russian T-72 tanks near Mariupol.

Not far from Mariupol, in Volnovacha, a Russian soldier filmed how the T-72 opens fire on Ukrainian troops. It is unclear whether the tank hit its target or not.

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4. Kyiv wakes up loudly, again numerous explosions in Kharkov

At about five in the morning on Tuesday, the residents of Kyiv, according to the mayor, heard a loud bang, numbering about two million people. According to Agence France-Presse, at least three serious explosions occurred in the city center.

Kharkov, the country’s second largest city, has been surrounded by Russian forces for several days. Their artillery also opened fire on the city several times last night. This is evident from the photos below from some eyewitnesses.

5. A journalist from Russia’s state broadcaster breaks into the studio

In Russia, state radio editor Marina Ovsyannikova briefly interrupted the evening news on Channel One. She carried a banner that read, “Stop the war, not the war.”

It is not clear what happened to Ovsyannikova after the accident. In a video that appeared on the Internet almost simultaneously, she explained why she was against the war.