May 26, 2022

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A cameraman and producer was shot dead while working for Fox News in Ukraine

A cameraman and producer was shot dead while working for Fox News in Ukraine

Photographer Pierre Zakrevsky (55) and producer Oleksandra Sasha Kovchinova (24) were shot dead in Ukraine. Their car was shot while working for Fox News.

He was a professional. He was a reporter. He was a friend,” said the Fox News anchor. His colleague, Pierre Zakrevsky, did not survive Monday’s attack in the town of Horenka, outside Kyiv.

Zakrzewski was working at the station there. He was working there with journalist Benjamin Hall when their car came under fire. Hall remains in the hospital, and Zkrzewski did not survive the attack, the station reported today.

Fox News confirmed the second death shortly after. “Out of respect for the family,” the channel said. It’s about Ukrainian Oleksandra ‘Sasha’ Kuvshynova. She was killed in the same attack. Kuvshynova was hired as the station’s producer.

Unknown hero

The photographer has a lot of experience covering war. He previously worked for Fox News in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. He was very committed to translating brave stories. He was professional and hard working. “He’s popular with journalists and very popular,” said Susan Scott, CEO of Fox News Media. In December, he was awarded the Unsung Hero award for his work on evacuations in Afghanistan last summer. He received this award at an indoor Fox Fellows Awards.

In a subsequent statement, the station also responded to Kovchinova’s death. She was very talented. She worked hard and was funny, kind and brave. Her dream was to connect people around the world and tell stories. I made it through the press.

They are the second and third journalists to be killed in the war in Ukraine. Brent Reno, American journalist New York times Now making a documentary on his own, he passed away on Sunday. As with Zakrevsky and Kovchinova, his car was shot and he did not survive. These facts happened in the town of Irbin, near Kyiv again.

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