March 30, 2023

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Return to Jorce from Virginia in the United States: Better Than Home (Zoersel)

Return to Jorce from Virginia in the United States: Better Than Home (Zoersel)

At the time, Zoersel was one of the first municipalities to organize receptions for new residents. That tradition ended in 2013, but now a new concept has been developed so that those who have already lived in Jorsal for some time can learn from the 24-kilometer interactive cycling route ‘around Zoarsal’.

“By creating a permanent path, new Zoerselaars will not have to wait for the welcome moment,” says Alderman Cadrian Schreiber (CD&V). “You are now welcomed in Zoersel every day.”

“Since not everyone can cycle 24 kilometers, we were given a welcome moment with a snack in the morning anyway, where team members can already provide the most important information,” says Mayor Leesbeth Verstregan (N-VA). “Initially it rained and then dried up, so some newcomers took their bikes home at the last minute.”

Mark and Marina, of Pierce, have now convinced the Jorzolars in conversation with the Kennis ships. © km

Along the way, the Aldermans offer presentations on their skills, namely Mark de Kart (green), Elderman for the Eco, J ஜrzelbos and Royal von Elsacker (CD & V) for the Alderman de Bizl for culture. As an alderman for agriculture, Luc Kennis (CD&V) explained the local short chain manufacturers to the ice farm of Den Actterston Tries.

Mark Wisbeek (59) and Marina de Baker (59) are from Beers. “We wanted to sell our house in Pierce to buy a new one. But our house sold faster than we thought it would, so we had to rent something first. There was no rent available that attracted us to Pierce. We had to expand our search area a bit and end up in Sind-Antonius. , Friends from all over Flanders: We loved life in Sint-Antonius so much and now we have bought a house here.

Mark and Marina had never seen Jorcelpos before the reception day. “We’ve been so busy hunting that house lately, we haven’t gotten into the woods yet, even though we’ve already heard of Poshuizje,” Mark laughs.

Find Hollow

Elise van den Brande (27) of Pulderboss and Sam Speckstadt (30) of Westmelle. The two play volleyball together at Zoersel. So they already know a little bit about Jorsal. “For us, such a welcome moment was interesting because the Halle district is still a relatively unknown area to us. We did not know that Haley could be reached so quickly by bike. It’s interesting to buy. “

Patrick, Pascal and Marlene are all returnees.

Patrick, Pascal and Marlene are all returnees.

Marlene Verdick (62) is a returnee from Jorsal. “I lived in Zoersel for a long time and then moved to Brecht for four years, but now I’m back. Brecht is mainly characterized by a vast expanse of land and cultivates a lot. Forest person I’m. “

Patrick Van Hoeserlande (55) and his wife Pascale van Gils (57) are back, but still far away. They lived for many years in Norfolk (Virginia) on the east coast of the United States, where Patrick worked for NATO at a naval base. “We have always kept our house in Jorzel. In fact we have been living in Jorzal for 25 years, with some interruptions in the United States. We rented our house when we were not there,” Pascal said.

Their children meanwhile have become real citizens of the world. “Americans were very shallow at first. At first I thought I would never make friends in Virginia, but now we have to leave American friends,” says Pascal. “America was an experience, and we’re happy with what we did. But it’s nice to find Belgian chocolate, beer, marzipan and gingerbread in the store in Jorsal. ”

The application has a ’round (round) Zoersel’ way. You choose when and where you start.

© km

© km

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