April 15, 2024

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RomUniverse must permanently destroy all pirated copies of Nintendo Games – Gaming – News

A US judge is asking the owner of RomUniverse, a website where people can illegally download Nintendo games, to permanently destroy all “unauthorized copies” of these games.

The owner of the already decommissioned RomUniverse website must destroy all illegal copies of Nintendo’s intellectual property, including games, books, movies and music, by August 17. By August 20, the romsite owner must make a statement that he “satisfies these conditions,” under penalty of perjury. This is clear from court documents that TorrentFreak I have got.

Nintendo first sued RomUniverse in 2019 and the Japanese gaming giant won that lawsuit in May of this year, he writes. Ars Technica. Nintendo has received $2.1 million in damages, which will be paid by the owner of RomUniverse in installments, with a monthly fee of $50.

At the end of June, Nintendo was back in court because the owner of RomUniverse failed to make his first $50 payments, reports say. TorrentFreak. In addition, Nintendo requested a permanent injunction On the site to the judge, fearing that the owner will put RomUniverse back online. Such an injunction is a court order that a person take certain actions or refrain from certain activities. After this request, the judge decided to grant the injunction, and that the romsite owner must destroy all illegal copies of Nintendo property.

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