December 6, 2022

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rouleur's "Jour de gloire" is unclear: the French newspapers apparently did not expect Yves Lambert to come to power |  France Tour

rouleur’s “Jour de gloire” is unclear: the French newspapers apparently did not expect Yves Lambert to come to power | France Tour

Tour de FranceYves Lampaert starts the day in yellow at Tour de France† The West Flemish farmer’s son wasn’t expecting this, and obviously the French press didn’t expect it either. They all praised the strength tour, but they mainly talk about a Surprise† “Expecting this wouldn’t be a Belgian joke, but it still almost…”

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L’Equipe: “The jour de gloire” of a rouleur is unclear

Sports newspaper L’Equipe mainly focuses on the departure of Jorge Sampaoli from Olympique Marseille and his possible successor, Igor Theodor. But Yves Lambert will also have a standout. L’Equipe speaks of a “huge surprise”.

He seemed to “make sure all expectations were about yesterday’s trash”. Wut van Aert’s face actually said enough when Lambert crossed the finish line. Nor did he expect his compatriot to keep him yellow. The fact that the road in Copenhagen had dried up quickly after the favorites passed helped Lambert to his first victory of the Tour. This was is “jour de gloire” for “rouleur” is unclear. Winning Paris-Roubaix is ​​his dream, but on the tour he had the best day of his career at the moment. And that for the son of a farmer – Lambert is proud of his roots. Beautiful.”

L’Equipe cover. © L’Equipe

Le Parisien: “This prediction wouldn’t have been a Belgian joke, but it’s still roughly…”

At Le Parisien, Lampaert is slightly larger on the cover than at L’Équipe. The newspaper described him as “the first yellow jersey, the first surprise”. “Putting Lambert’s name as the winner before the start would not be a Belgian joke, but almost. His performance was a surprise, but above all it was a great run.” The course, and this was Quick.Step’s 31-year-old worker ant.During his time in the ‘hot seat’ Van Aart thought he had already done the hardest thing. He was faster than Jana, Bogakar and Kong. But then there was a native One “.

Le Parisien cover.

Le Parisien cover. © Le Parisien

Le Dauphiné Libéré: “We’re talking about a great comeback”

Le Dauphine Libére does not pronounce words either. The newspaper wrote “Lambert’s surprise” with a large picture of Lambert on its front page. “We expected Wout van Aert, everyone expected Wout van Aert, but he turned out to be a different Belgian. In the rain and in front of thousands of Danes, he was the fastest test-guns ever. He beat the best riders in the world and so deserves all the credit. It’s been 2019 since That he rode the Tour – speaks volumes for a notable comeback. Lambert was favored in selection over Julian Alaphilippe among others and he really showed that this was a good decision by the team.”

Le Dauphine cover.

Le Dauphine cover. © Le Dauphin

Le Figaro: “He had to pinch himself”

Le Figaro wrote: “Yves Lambert caused quite a commotion when he crossed the finish line.” “He’d rather be five seconds faster than Wut van Aert, who would have expected that? It was agreed that the road surface was already a little drier, but the sixty riders after Lambert were provided with better conditions. No one came close to his time. Lambert, a son of A farmer who also had a black belt in judo, until he pinched himself. His head was about to explode.”

Cover of Le Figaro.

Cover of Le Figaro. © Le Figaro

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