February 21, 2024

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Royal Corgis Weren't Typical Pet After All: 'They Had A Postman's Member And Even Picked Up The Queen' |  Queen Elizabeth II passed away

Royal Corgis Weren’t Typical Pet After All: ‘They Had A Postman’s Member And Even Picked Up The Queen’ | Queen Elizabeth II passed away

PropertyWhen you think of the Queen, you think of her dogs. At one time, the Queen had as many as 30 Pembroke Welsh Corgis, which she raised herself. A beautiful sight, but in practice it wasn’t always fun, according to the palace staff.

“Some of them were really cute, but there were also little devils among them,” an insider told the Daily Mail. “Certainly at the point where they were many, some of the monsters weren’t very well trained. There was even talk of putting a ‘Beware the Dog’ sign on the doors of Balmoral because the postman was bitten by a corgi.”

The king responsible for the bells at the palace, Leonard Hubbard, was also bitten by an animal in 1954. Corgi Susan was the culprit. That same year, a London police officer was the victim. John Collins, the Queen Mother’s driver, also had to receive a tetanus shot after being attacked.

It seems that “sometimes they criticize the Queen”. “She was a strict dog boss, but sometimes you just can’t get angry. I remember she needed three stitches after a dog bit her. It happened while she was trying to break up a fight between ten Corgi dogs.”

The dogs were also a danger to each other. One of Elizabeth’s mother’s dogs, Ranger, led ten of her hounds into a fight that led to the death of Chipper, one of the Queen’s favorite dogs.

After a while, the staff got really tired of it. “Everyone had to constantly warn that there was a dog stalking them because they liked to bite.” Then it was decided in 1989 to appoint a so-called dog psychologist. He is responsible for training dogs. Since then, things have improved in the palace. Towards the end of her life, Elizabeth had fewer and fewer dogs, making it easier to control.

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