July 24, 2024

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RPG Mario & Luigi: Brothership has been announced

RPG Mario & Luigi: Brothership has been announced

After the Super Mario RPG at the end of last year, we will be treated to another RPG in November. This time Luigi is also participating in Mario & Luigi: Brothership.

The brothers are back to play a brand new game in the Mario & Luigi series! In Brothership they raise sails on Zeiland (part ship, part island) to head to the mainland of Concordia.

As the mustachioed brothers, you’ll explore the most diverse islands, from tropical rainforests to bustling cities. Along the way you’ll meet new friends and familiar faces from the Mushroom Kingdom, like Peach and Bowser. And of course, dual actions to overcome obstacles and perform dual attacks in turn-based battles are back.

Mario and Luigi: Brothers Intervention Coming to Nintendo Switch on November 7.

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MrRolfson has been involved in the gaming world for many years. He started his career at GUNK as a journalist, permanent photographer, and technician for GUNKtv. He prefers to play championship games of race cars and football players. But he’s always up for a good RPG and action/adventure game. He has a particular affection for Nintendo and Mario, but his favorite game of all time is without a doubt Bioshock.
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