March 2, 2024

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Rumor: PlayStation 5 with removable drive should be released in September

Rumor: PlayStation 5 with removable drive should be released in September

There have been rumors for a while now that Sony is working on a new PlayStation 5. This model will come with an optional disc drive, so that Sony is no longer forced to produce two PlayStation 5 models. It is up to the player to purchase a console with or without a disc drive, and if a disc drive is required in the long run, it can be purchased separately.

Sony itself is silent about this alleged model so far, but across indoor games We now know that the console is due out in September. This is what the site understood from sources familiar with Sony’s plans. The new model should completely replace the A, B and C chassis of the PlayStation 5, which has been used since the launch of the console.

This new model will use a D-chassis and in terms of hardware it is almost identical to what we see on the market today. Moreover, the removable drive will have no effect on the appearance of the console, as it plugs in without looking like an external object. According to Insider Gaming, this likely means that the new model will resemble the current PlayStation 5.

Sony is supposed to produce 18.5 million units of this model in fiscal 2023 and only 12 million of the current models as they will be phased out. Finally, Insider Gaming sources report that the removable drive is not currently compatible with the current PlayStation 5 digital console, but this may change with major software updates.