April 17, 2024

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Russell Crowe broke his legs while recording the song “Robin Hood”, but found out 10 years later |  celebrities

Russell Crowe broke his legs while recording the song “Robin Hood”, but found out 10 years later | celebrities

celebritiesNew Zealand actor Russell Crowe (59 years old) suffered two broken legs while filming the movie “Robin Hood.” He continued to work at that time and did not go to the doctor until ten years later due to persistent pain in his lower legs. “The damage from those fractures was still visible.”

In an interview with People magazine, the actor talked about a “small accident” he had while filming “Robin Hood” in 2010. “I jumped from a castle onto uneven ground,” the actor explains. “We should have prepared the ground for that jump right then, but we didn't have time because it was dark outside. But even before I landed, I knew it was going to be painful.

“It was like an electric shock that went through my body,” he continues. “You suffer from it, but the last month on set was difficult. There were some weeks where walking was difficult. Despite the intense pain, Russell continued to walk and did not take a single day off to recover from that jump. “I never discussed this injury With production. Everything for the sake of art. No casts, no splints, no painkillers: I just kept going.

But ten years later, Crowe suddenly felt a “very strange pain” in his lower legs. “I thought it was nothing serious. I just assumed my body was missing exercise and sun after a cold winter in New York.” But the doctor took an X-ray. He asked: When did you break your legs? He could clearly see signs of old fractures in both tibias. Only then did the actor realize that it was not just a “small accident.” “Fortunately I took a year off after 'Robin Hood'. I didn't start working again until I played Superman's father in Man of Steel, for which I also trained intensively for six months. The problem solves itself with rest and training.”

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