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In “Kamp Waes”, Fly had two surprises in store, only one of which was unpleasant

In “Kamp Waes”, Fly had two surprises in store, only one of which was unpleasant

NO MORE TRAINING: The Camp Wes candidates are presented with a real mission this week with a wet start and a weary but hopeful middle part. It has the candidates longing for home and hearth for the first time, but unfortunately it's still too early for them.

Jasper Van Looy

What was in the program?

In short: the real work about which we do not want to say blows grindingkilometers Submit a bid Fly's verbal scythes about alphas and slugs weren't real, but the Special Forces simply couldn't take that much trouble. They do this to defend your soil and our poor Belgian soil, and the candidates also did it in this sixth episode through an intense training mission in which they had to show everything they have learned in the last days.

The start was certainly good: first jumping into the sea from the jetty, then taking the scooter underwater to a motor boat, then taking that boat to a patrol ship that dropped them back a mile off the coast. From there the candidates had to swim to shore, carrying their backpacks like driftwood. The beach of the enemy country upon which they marched at dawn looked strikingly similar to that of Raversijd.

Does Fly have any surprises in store?

We kind of expected that the willing partisan who picked up the candidates in her truck would suddenly turn out to be enemy or that they would come under fire as they walked the seven kilometers to the enemy camp, but they didn't think so. rescued.

Fly, the quietest of the Special Forces, had already expected a pleasant surprise: after two of his waterproof backpacks turned out to be not waterproof, he hid a “dump” with dry clothes on the truck's path. In fact, it was hidden so well that the candidates had almost never found it until then Team leader Kat kicked the right piece of moss aside.

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She was even elated at the end, after she and her team overcame exhaustion over seven kilometers of walking and then set up a lookout point and two campsites that were perfect by the book. The word “home” escaped her and floated in the air, like steam over a plate of her favorite food. “No one's going home tomorrow,” Tom Weiss said dryly off-screen. Because that was Chef Flay's second surprise in this episode: the mission takes twice as long as announced, which is 36 hours.

Who left the biggest impression?

Of course, the seat holder doesn't see everything, but Jan's departure seems necessary to form the Camp Weiss team. While the group's spirit had been at Siberia level last week and Flay was still ignoring his recruits, he now had to acknowledge their presence there.

And just like us, he witnessed a shift in leadership: in addition to Kat, orthopedist Sarah installed herself as leader and communicator, also because Dris's radio broke down. After a night at sea and an hour's walk, it was still clear enough to take the first important photos of the “terrorists.”

Were there any casualties? Who is on his last legs?

A few cryptic sentences between Load and Dries say it all: “I have a feeling we're all at the end of our rope.” “Latin, are those powers?” – “Yes.”

Cat and Dries, descendants of the unapproachable Burstlab family, the kind of people for whom the end of Latin lay somewhere we couldn't reach even with our Greek, Aramaic, Kempinian, and Jumeician Spanish, got seasick and never got it again all the time. The episode is digested. Lud's feet are full of open blisters, and Golan's twisted spine is moving. What moves them is what lies behind and in front of them, respectively, what they have already endured and that is the final chord Camp Wes He is.

They see the end as they must have seen the lit shore of the dark sea. But this goes beyond the grey-bearded hotelier: a preview for the next episode showed flashes of primarily psychological experimentation, as at least one of the candidates will be gagged by terrorists next week. It's easy to say that whatever grinding And the Submit a bid This should also be possible, but especially by those who prefer to spend their Sundays horizontally. So who is on its last legs? Everyone and no one.

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