December 6, 2023

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Russia threatens 'complete collapse' if US imposes new sanctions on Ukraine

Russia threatens ‘complete collapse’ if US imposes new sanctions on Ukraine

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin made a 50-minute phone call Thursday evening. The crisis on the border with Ukraine has sparked tensions between US and Russian presidents. Putin has threatened to sever all ties with the United States if further sanctions are imposed on Russia.

On January 10, the United States and Russia will begin negotiations on a nuclear deal and the situation on the Russia-Ukraine border. On Thursday, two weeks before that meeting, they already received a phone call to tighten ties. The water is deep between Biden and Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened a “complete split” between the two countries if the United States imposes new sanctions. Joe Biden has made it clear that the United States and its allies will take drastic action if Russia decides to invade Ukraine.

In Ukraine, the military is preparing for a possible Russian invasion. West Reacts nervously Russia has built up troops on the border, but Russia blames NATO An aggressive approach. According to The New York Times Putin repeated the allegations several times in a telephone conversation. “How would we react if weapons were made on the borders of the United States?” “There are no winners in the nuclear conflict,” Biden was quoted as saying.

The White House has released a photo of Biden holding a phone. Washington says there is a diplomatic solution to prevent a military escalation in Ukraine. The US president reiterated his concern that there are tens of thousands of Russian soldiers on the Russia-Ukraine border.

Moscow still firmly believes that a dialogue is possible “on the basis of mutual respect” to get out of the crisis. According to the Kremlin, Russia’s security depends on a ban on further expansion of NATO and a halt to Western military operations on Russia’s borders.

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