April 17, 2024

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Russian Ambassador to the UK: “It is impossible to beat Russia.  Our resources are enormous.”  outside

Russian Ambassador to the UK: “It is impossible to beat Russia. Our resources are enormous.” outside

Russian President Vladimir Putin's chief diplomat in the United Kingdom said, in an interview with the British Sky News channel, that it is impossible to defeat Russia in Ukraine. “Our resources are enormous,” said Andrei Kilin, beaming with confidence.

According to Kelin, Western leaders made a grave mistake when they thought that Ukraine could win the war with the help of their money and weapons. He added: “It is impossible to beat Russia.” He added: “Compared to Ukraine, we have a stable political situation and a rapidly growing economy. Our resources are enormous.”

The senior diplomat does not say that the stable political situation is the result of Putin's authoritarian rule and that the economy is not in bad shape in the short term due to the war industry, but is doomed to failure in the long term. Moreover, he describes defeats, such as the withdrawal of Russian forces from Kiev immediately after the invasion in February 2022, as “a show of good faith.”

3000 tanks

Kelin does not see Russia's already loss of more than 3,000 tanks, according to a report issued by the British think tank the International Institute for Strategic Studies, as a problem. “We have enough,” he said tersely.

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The Russian ambassador also said in the interview that Moscow has “no interest” in Poland, Latvia, Estonia or any other NATO country. According to him, warnings that Russia wants to attack NATO countries are completely unfounded. He added: “We are fully aware that any escalation outside Ukraine will lead to an international conflict, and the destruction of everything. We cannot support this.”

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Putin has also always insisted that Russia would never invade Ukraine, but he did so two years ago. The ambassador himself had claimed this about a month before the actual invasion.

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