June 18, 2024

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Russian Soldier Admits War Crime But Convicted Of Fake News |  outside

Russian Soldier Admits War Crime But Convicted Of Fake News | outside

OVD-Info, an independent Russian news channel that reports on human rights, publishes this story on Thursday based on the record of the military court in the Khabarovsk region. Defaming the army is a criminal offense in Russia.

Last summer, the man told the independent research website Vashnye Istorii (Important Stories) that he had shot two civilians in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, at the start of the war. According to the journalist who interviewed the soldier, upon his return to Russia, the man allegedly accused his superior of giving him orders to kill and loot in Ukraine. The Ukrainian survivors later named the soldier as the culprit, according to the investigation. It is unclear where the soldier is now.

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Russian forces occupied the Kiev region a few weeks after the start of the Russian invasion war in February 2022. After they withdrew, images from Busha, where hundreds of civilian bodies were found, sparked international outrage. Despite the photos, eyewitness accounts and international investigations that should lead to an official designation as a war crime, Moscow insists that the terror in Busha was staged. Russia denies its forces committed war crimes in Ukraine.

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