March 28, 2023

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Major breakthrough in the killing of a Microsoft executive: New ex-wife’s husband arrested


More than a year after the murder of Microsoft CEO Jared Bridgen, authorities have made significant progress in the case. Bridgen’s second husband is arrested after one of his former tenants reveals their joint plot to investigators.

Last year, February 16th. After dinner with three of his four children, Jared Bridgen, 33, drops his 10-year-old twin with ex-wife Shana Gardner Fernandez, leaving him alone with his 2-year-old daughter Bexley. When he arrived in an upscale suburb of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, he noticed a tire on the road. A tire was deliberately placed there to ambush Bridjean. As soon as he gets out to move the frame, he gets shot in front of his daughter.

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After months of investigation, someone was finally caught in January of this year: 61-year-old Henri Tennon. The man has since admitted to shooting Bridgen, but has also stated that he did not act alone. Court documents show that he conspired “for at least six weeks” with at least one other person to plot murder. That person would be 35-year-old Mario Fernandez. Not only is he the second husband to Bredigan’s ex Shana Gardner Fernandez, but he’s also a former Tennon landlord.

Fernandez was arrested on Thursday and in the meantime he was formally charged with first degree murder. Investigators also continue to consider Shana a suspect.

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