March 4, 2024

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Russian-Ukrainian beauty, weight-loss champion, and resident of a singing caravan: these are the participants of “Big Brother” |  television

Russian-Ukrainian beauty, weight-loss champion, and resident of a singing caravan: these are the participants of “Big Brother” | television

televisionAs of Monday, three Flemish and five Dutch will enter the Big Brother house again. These complete strangers will be – at best – on each other's lips for a hundred days, without any form of privacy. These are the candidates who will accept the challenge, and hope to follow in the footsteps of the previous winners – Gil, Salar and Bart.

Sonia, 26 (Antwerp, Belgium): “When I get angry, I turn into an unpredictable hurricane.”

Sonia © Joe Play

First on the list of candidates is Sonia. She worked as a manager in a catering company and also worked in an elementary school. She puts it in the “Big Brother” category. I'm waiting. She participates to get to know herself a little better and find out how her personality will develop in a group of strange people. Sonia tells it like it is and knows exactly how she will approach the game. She describes herself as a homebody: she loves to cook and take care of the people she loves.

Basiri, 23 years old (Drongen, BE): “I want Mentality “Hyena presence”

Al-Basiri © Joe Play

Al-Busairi is a person with a winning mentality and seeks adventure. He likes to face challenges, and this is also reflected in his daily life: he decided to change his course and modify his diet and lifestyle. Which led to him losing forty kilograms. Basiri likes to push his limits and finds the “Big Brother” mind game interesting. Can he stay strong or will he succumb to psychological pressure?

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Ronahi, 28 (Zonhoven, BE): “People often say to me: ‘Spiritual, what you have to do is effective calm!”

Ronahi © Joe Play

Ronahi is full of energy and can't wait to start this challenge. She says what she thinks and does not avoid conflict. As a person, Ronahi has a positive attitude, but – thanks to many challenges in life – she can also be difficult. Ronahi is married and her family always comes first.

Tyrone, 26 (Herrhoegaard, Netherlands): “I don't like it sneaky procedures”

Tyrone © Joe Play

That's handsome good guy Although he is a fanatic, Tyrone does not easily get involved in con games or manipulation. Although he looks like a very tough guy, inside he is kind and emotional. His looks sometimes bring him modeling gigs and the necessary DMs. The latter works well, because he is not a flirt by nature.

Delano, 25 (Eindhoven, Netherlands): “Who are you to tell me what I can and can't do?”

Delano © Joe Play

For this magician, exercise is second nature, and he even likes to wake up at five o'clock. Delano is a scorer, and believes his winning mentality can take him far. He also hopes to attract fellow residents with his appearance and speech.

Lenny, 52 (Arnhem, Netherlands): “I usually sit on my girlfriend's lip 24 hours a day.”

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Lenny © Joe Play

Lenny was born and raised in a mobile home, and has never wanted to live in a regular house in his life – except for “Big Brother's.” This eye-catching singer – who has previously appeared on TV in the Netherlands – loves to entertain people and loves to have a good time. He describes himself as a fanatic, but at the same time he will do everything in his power to maintain harmony within the group.

Does he do that while singing? Please judge for yourself.

Ashley, 33 (Schagen, Netherlands): “People always tell me: ‘You’re not so bad.’”

Ashley © Joe Play

This delightful lady has only one goal in mind: to win Big Brother and go home with the prize money. So she expects to have no problem manipulating and nominating her fellow residents. Its only potential downside? Living with several people. Ashley loves being alone in everyday life and quickly becomes overstimulated. She also believes that her appearance is very important, and does not care what others think of it.

Alice, 19 (Groningen, Netherlands): “I think 'influencer' is a really terrible word.”

Alice © Joe Play

this Graceful girl Despite her young age, she knows very well what she wants. Difficult Alice is very loyal and places great importance on honesty. As a result, they will not avoid confrontation. In daily life she is in the gym 7/7. She's taking that mentality home to achieve her goal: winning “Big Brother 2024.”

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Starting January 15, “Big Brother” will be broadcast every Monday to Friday at 10:15 PM on Play4 and at 8:30 PM on Goplay. Every Saturday at 8 p.m., the live show “Big Brother: Live” is hosted by Tatiana Belloy and Geraldine Kemper. You can watch 24/7 via live streaming on Play247 and Goplay.

Residents of “Big Brother”. © Joe Play

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