February 26, 2024

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YouTuber breaks into Bellewaerde amusement park at night: 'Security is useless, but we love you' |  Ypres

YouTuber breaks into Bellewaerde amusement park at night: 'Security is useless, but we love you' | Ypres

A YouTuber called Yung Jamie posted a video showing how he makes an overnight visit to Bellewaerde Theme and Animal Park in Ypres. The young man even climbs the 32-meter-high Boomerang Mountain and shines his flashlight into the eyes of a tiger. “Very stupid and totally irresponsible,” replies Belewairdi, who has since filed a complaint with the police.

Young Jimmy posted the photos on his YouTube channel two weeks ago. The video shows the man wearing a dark jacket and a hat on his head, climbing over the fence to enter the amusement park. He then takes a leisurely walk along the El Dorado area and even climbs the 32-metre-high Boomerang, which he incorrectly described as the park's highest attraction. “I won't go to the top though, because silly High,” we hear him say.


The pictures show that the man entered the park during the Christmas period, because the Christmas lights are on everywhere and there are still Christmas trees. The YouTuber takes a look at the swinging coaster and various animal enclosures. He shines his flashlight on the giraffe, flamingos, tiger, monkeys and others. We also see the intruder getting a drink from a vending machine, and at the end of the video, the man lights up a small grill, where he is preparing some chicken thighs.

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The man entered the amusement park during the Christmas period. © Belweerdi

“I entered a Belgian amusement park at night, where I did stupid things,” the YouTube user wrote with the video he posted. “Your security is useless, but we love you anyway.” In addition to the YouTuber – who clearly did not film himself – there was another person with him during his overnight visit.

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In Bellewaerde they can't quite laugh at this trick. “It's completely irresponsible and downright dangerous,” says Flip Van Dorp, a spokesman for the theme park. “We didn't know that anyone had broken into the house until we saw this video. After seeing the pictures, we immediately filed a complaint with the police. Although the man did not cause any damage, it was still a case of burglary and arson. He scares the animals “With his flashlight, those animals aren't used to that. You just don't.” Arro Ypres District Police confirm that an investigation into the YouTuber is ongoing, but they cannot say anything about him at the moment. What is noteworthy is that the man in the video does not make any effort to hide his face.

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Some photos from Young Jimmy's video.
Some photos from Young Jimmy's video. © Young Jimmy

By the way, Young Jimmy didn't have much success. The man's channel has 44 subscribers, and the video has been viewed 1,058 times so far. 7 people react to Young Jimmy's move. One of them points out that the intruder will not immediately be able to cover the costs of the fine that awaits him with the opinions he receives. Another person challenges the guy to try Plopsa, Bobbejaanland or Walibi. “Plopsa Coo should also be fun at night.” Young Jimmy isn't the first YouTuber to pull off such a stunt, Bowdoin Seapark Wallibi and Antwerp Zoo have also received this kind of questionable traffic.

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