March 4, 2024

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Russia's U.N.  Uses the veto more often, with the US vetoing more to support Israel

Russia's U.N. Uses the veto more often, with the US vetoing more to support Israel

UN on October 25, 2023 US resolution on conflict between Israel and Hamas The Security Council voted.Image by ANP / EPA

Almost a month after the Hamas terror attack and subsequent war with Israel, the UN An October 18 resolution on humanitarian pauses in fighting in the Gaza Strip was vetoed by the US because it did not mention Israel's right to self-defense.

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A week later a US proposal for humanitarian ceasefires was vetoed by China and Russia; These countries want a ceasefire. These votes again call into question the right of veto. Of the 193 UN members, only five have veto power in the Security Council: permanent members Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and China. The other ten members of the Security Council are elected for 2 years each.

In total, Russia used the most vetoes, more than 150 since 1946. But the US often uses a veto on resolutions on Israel and the Palestinian territories. Last week's vetoes by China and Russia were the first by these countries on the issue since the 1970s.

The United Nations General Assembly met on 26 October after the Security Council failed to reach an agreement. A resolution on a humanitarian ceasefire was adopted by 120 votes in favour. Countries including Israel and the United States voted against it. A further 44 countries, including the Netherlands, abstained. According to the Foreign Ministry, Israel's right to defend itself against terrorism is not sufficiently clarified.