June 14, 2024

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Same boat, different visions: This is what our neighbors are doing as infections increase

Same boat, different visions: This is what our neighbors are doing as infections increase


Our southern neighbors have already begun to take stricter measures today. It was lifted about a month ago, but the commitment to the roof of the mouth in public is back in Flanders.

From Monday, every Belgian must also show their Corona card in the gym and in the catering industry. The pass operates in the same way as CoronaCheck in the Netherlands. The card was used for some time in Wallonia and Brussels.

Measures are necessary, according to the Belgian government, because corona infections are increasing very quickly. For example, 5,700 infections were added in the past week. This doubled from two weeks ago.


Infections are also increasing rapidly in Germany. “We’re now at 28,000 infections in a week. That number hasn’t been this high in the past five months,” says reporter Jeroen Ackermans. But taking new measures is not so easy in Germany.

Everything has to do with the political situation. The Germans are in the middle of forming a cabinet. The state of emergency in force in Germany expires on November 25, but it was extended at earlier times. Health Minister Jens Spahn wants the state of emergency rescinded, just as the new coalition parties do.

“The vaccination rate in Germany is going well. 77 percent of all German adults have been vaccinated, which is a very high rate in Germany,” says Ackermanns. But Merkel wants the state of emergency to last for a while. It will be voted on in Parliament around November 10.

According to Ackermann, it is likely that a temporary solution will be found. The state of emergency will be stopped and then there will be a transitional arrangement.” This transitional arrangement will last until March 20 next year. A lot of things will still be in place in this arrangement, such as the obligation to cover the mouth and the corona corridor.” “Lockdowns or curfews will not come, but we We haven’t finished all the procedures.”

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Then the stranger: Denmark. All Corona measures there were lifted last month. It does not pass the areola, nor covers the mouth and is not more than one and a half meters. More than 80 percent of adult Danes have been vaccinated.

Yesterday, the largest number of infections in the country was measured in Denmark since January. Health Minister Magnus Heunick says he is not yet worried, but has called on Danes to vaccinate to prevent possible new measures in the winter. It was also announced earlier this month that every Dane would be offered a third chance.


In France, 86 percent of adults are vaccinated. Mouth coverings are still mandatory in public, and the corona aisle has also been around for some time. As in Germany, the state of emergency also applies in France. It is said that it will last at least until the end of July 2022. This makes it likely that all measures applied now will continue at least until next summer.


Vaccination rates are rising rapidly in Italy, and so is the number of infections. Since the Corona Corridor became mandatory to operate there, in mid-October, the vaccination rate had risen from 70 to more than 86 percent. The Italian government’s goal is to raise the vaccination rate to at least 90 percent.