March 23, 2023

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Samsung Galaxy S21 is now getting an update from December in NL and BE

December update ready for Samsung today Galaxy S21, S21 +, en S21 Ultra. Except for the new patch, there are no functional innovations on board. However, new bug fixes can improve the performance of apps like Whatsapp.

Galaxy S21 December 2021 update

If you have a Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra, you are busy with one update after another. first there was Galaxy S21 update to Android 12. This one turns out to be bad WhatsApp bug received, which by the second update – last week – (partially) Solved. Although this update arrived on December 3, it is not yet included December security patch. That’s what today’s update takes care of.

The major update of over 207MB brings devices in the S21 series to firmware version G99 * BXXS3BUL1. From the changelog it can be concluded that not much happens. However, the December patch will be installed, which we saw yesterday contains 30 Google fixes for Android.

Moreover, the patch contains up to 18 improvements to Samsung’s One UI user interface. Oddly enough, the South Koreans mentioned that none of the improvements described pertain to devices running Android 12 – including the Galaxy S21 series. But it is always possible to install the fixes, the details of which are not announced yet at the moment, but are still important for devices running Android 12.

Apart from all this, the status surrounding Whatsapp errors is perhaps the most interesting. After the latest update, the issue of green bars in videos sent for many users has been resolved. but, For others it turns out This is exactly the beginning of the “video bug”, and there are still other issues plaguing the messaging service. And now there is a question: does the new update do anything to fix existing (Whatsapp) bugs? or not?

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At the moment, the app works flawlessly on our own devices, so we can’t verify any bug fixes ourselves. you are doing? Then tell us below!


The new update is now ready for without brand S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra in the Netherlands and Belgium. if I were branded If you’ve purchased a device directly from T-Mobile or Vodafone, you can’t have it installed at the time of writing – but you’ll also receive it in the coming days or weeks.

As you probably know by now: you’ll get an automatic notification once the update is ready to download. You can always manually check availability via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install.

Are you experiencing any other changes? Is Whatsapp bug fixed or not? Below we and other users, love reading it!

(thanks for the AttentionMarcel!)