June 18, 2024

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"Samsung may no longer provide a charger for budget devices"

“Samsung may no longer provide a charger for budget devices”

Samsung was the first Android company to stop supplying its flagship chargers. A new leak now shows that Samsung may not be supplying the cheaper A and M series chargers.

No more charger supplied

an Apple It was the first smartphone manufacturer to decide not to include a standard charger with its devices. After that, Samsung decided not to do this anymore with its high-end phones. Budget devices have always been out of reach, but that may be about to change. Tilting the Yogesh Prair megaphone The new Galaxy A and M series models will no longer have chargers in the box. a little earlier Already share it on Twitter The Galaxy F23 will not have a charger provided either.

It is not certain if this is the case only in India or whether the upcoming A and M series will also ship without a charger in the rest of the world.

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Additional cost

Whether this is a smart move by Samsung, the future will appear. The cheaper Galaxy series makes phones accessible to a large audience. Getting a charger from this part can make all the difference for these folks. They will then have to pay an additional amount for a charger above the purchase price. Those who already have a Samsung phone before can use the old charger again. However, the budget series is bought by many as the first device. These users do not have the option of using an old charger.

Would you buy a budget device without the supplied charger? Why or not? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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