July 19, 2024

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Samsung will also sell AirPods

Samsung will also sell AirPods

Like Apple, Samsung has been selling wireless earbuds for years, though you’ll see Galaxy Buds on the street much less frequently than AirPods. Leaked images of the upcoming Galaxy Buds show that Samsung will now copy the AirPods.

In X, @TEQHNIKACROSS posted one message With images of the Galaxy Buds 3. they show that they have a stem, just like Apple’s earbuds. Previous versions had a more rounded design.

Although the earbuds look quite similar to the AirPods, there are some differences. The stem appears flatter than an apple. Additionally, Apple only sells white earbuds, while there’s no doubt that you already have Galaxy Buds in your ears if you have this gray version.

We also see in the pictures that the box cover is transparent, so you no longer need to open it to see if your Galaxy Buds are inside or not. Furthermore, the box is gray in color and there is a small light on the front.

Superior sound quality

We also already know about the earbuds they use It will likely be IP57 water resistant. Although this is not the highest rating the product can get, it is enough to not worry during rain. Furthermore, there is active noise cancellation on the earplugs and there will likely be an option for very high sound quality. The Buds 3 Pro may also have lights in the trunk.

Perhaps we will soon hear if all these leaks and rumors are true. The earphones are expected to be unveiled at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked Summer. Although Samsung has not yet announced an official date for this, the event is expected to be held on July 10.

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