May 26, 2024

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Save Hundreds of Euros with a Refurbished Laptop?  These are the strengths and points of interest of MyGuide

Save Hundreds of Euros with a Refurbished Laptop? These are the strengths and points of interest of MyGuide

HLN StoreA new laptop soon means an increase in your budget. If you’d rather save more money for other things, you might consider purchasing a refurbished model. Then you will get a used, refurbished device that is not inferior to a new one in terms of performance. And this for a much lower price. HLN Store Compare the pros and cons.

100% OK

Renovated can be translated as “renovated”. You buy a used device, but you can rest assured that it is completely sound from a technical point of view and works like new. Professionals replace any faulty parts, clean everything thoroughly and also review, update and test the software extensively so you start with a clean slate. Thus, a refurbished is not at all the same as a used one.

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The name is not protected

However, the term refurbished is not regulated. So make sure if you are interested in this model that it is effectively a fully refurbished device, and that you are not buying a computer disguised as used. Or only partially refurbished device.

Better for the environment

Plus the refurbished laptop that it shares with another device is the high degree of durability. After all, you bring home an appliance that would otherwise be discarded, thus contributing to the reduction of the mountain of waste and the sustainable use of our natural resources.

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Small defects

On the other hand, a refurbished device can of course show slight traces of use, although this will not affect the technical performance. However, if you place importance on the perfect appearance, you may want to opt for a completely new model.

Saving Money

It goes without saying that you will have to dig a little deeper into your pockets for the latter. One of the most important arguments for choosing a refurbished laptop is the attractive price. You buy a device that technically works like a new one, but at the price of a used one. You can save a lot of costs this way.

What about updates?

What you have to keep in mind, however, is that the refurbished computer is not of the latest generation. The older model may work perfectly, but it is not entirely certain that the system will continue to install all updates in the future. You should also consider those potential limitations in terms of support.

Do you have a warranty claim?

If you’re still in doubt, it’s important to know that you also have a warranty on a refurbished laptop. Legally, you should get at least a year’s warranty on all parts. However, many sellers extend this to two years, which greatly reduces the risk of a bad purchase. When purchasing, please note that the warranty offered applies to all parts.

Attention: azerty and qwerty

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The last point of interest concerns the keyboard. Since the parts of a refurbished laptop are not always original, you may be presented with a qwerty keyboard while it works smoothly only with azerty, or vice versa. Pay attention to this to avoid potential disappointment.

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