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Tweaks Tweak’s Internet provider – Tweakers

Tweaks Tweak’s Internet provider – Tweakers


“How hard is it?” Floris Bout, one of the founders of Tweakers, and True founder Vincent Huert, who died last month, decided to buy the Internet for themselves and their friends from BBNed, which served the business market. Problem: This is only possible if you become a seller. Solution: Find supporters on Tweakers and then start a provider.

The initial announcement was made in October 2001. “We can’t say much about pricing and specific subscription types, but it will definitely focus on Tweaker. This means ultra-fast connectivity with seamless connectivity.” Fair usage policyStatic IP addresses and don’t forget: reliability and high-quality service. Prices will be competitive and in some cases even more so.”

On the back end, it was the bot that would set up the provider. “We inquired about the conditions and we had to buy at least 500 lines. The fine if we didn’t make it within a year was 500 euros. It wasn’t shocking, so we decided to just try it.”

Then pre-registration began. “We didn’t know what to expect, but we were hoping to get close to those 500 lines. And it went faster than expected. I think we had a few thousand pre-registrations.” These pre-registrations began in 2002. It turned out to be the start of a new provider, one that has been around in one form or another for over twenty years, now.

HCC Days 2005 – TweakDSL
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