July 12, 2024

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“It was already used unofficially, and now we’re making it official.”

“It was already used unofficially, and now we’re making it official.”

No, you won’t see us making a pun here about how the last part of the name of the online store bol.com is allowed. Missed the targetor how the company Origin Makes with the suffix. The fact is that from now on, the online store will be called “bol”. Complete rebranding.


While Bol had to make it clear almost 25 years ago that it was an online store, this is no longer necessary, the company believes. “We are now much more than just a website, also an app and are also active on social media channels. We feel more like bol.com than bol.com. Most importantly, customers are already calling us that,” says Bokce Tavorn, Chief Marketing Officer. And sustainability in bol, on the name change: “It was already used unofficially, and now we’re making it official.”

The company’s identity will also be updated with “more fun design, photography and use of colour”. The first campaign with the new style is the one about life, which can be seen from October. “The refresh of the brand will be carried out gradually over the coming years. The old visual style will also be visible regularly, for example on packaging, because it is not simply thrown away.

Bol was founded in the Netherlands in 1999 by the German holding company Bertelsmann AG, and the abbreviation then stood for “Bertelsmann On-Line”. In 2012, the online store was sold to Ahold, and since the merger with Delhaize in 2016, bol has been part of Ahold Delhaize. The company employs 2,800 people at its headquarters in Utrecht and Antwerp. Distribution centers are located in Nieuwegein and Waalwijk.

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35 million articles

Today Bol is one of the largest online e-commerce platforms in Belgium and the Netherlands with a collection of 35 million items in dozens of product categories, with a focus on non-food products. “Bol has always wanted to offer its customers convenience, reliability and choice, wherever and whenever. The platform does this in collaboration with 52,000 local entrepreneurs who sell via bol to 13 million Dutch and Belgian customers,” the company said of the rebranding. “Bol believes in the power of collaboration, because only with sales partners can Bol offer its customers the best shopping experience. As a ‘store for all of us’, everyone should be able to go to bol.”

In addition, Ball says it is fully focused on sustainability in all aspects of its business operations. “This ranges from packaging and delivery as economical as possible to using 100 percent wind and solar energy in buildings. Together with a network of suppliers, sales partners, colleagues and millions of customers, bol wants to make sustainable living easier. Through sustainable range, bol wants to help Customers want to make an informed choice and the platform wants to reduce CO22Reduce emissions per package as much as possible. The remaining emissions are offset.