November 27, 2022

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Scene in the 100m hurdles: Toby Amosan surprises his friend, enemy and himself with a world record |  World Athletics Championships

Scene in the 100m hurdles: Toby Amosan surprises his friend, enemy and himself with a world record | World Athletics Championships

The World Championships in Athletics set two more world records on the last day. Pole-jumper Mondo Duplantis’ record didn’t come out of nowhere, and that was Toby Amosan’s time lead in the 100-meter hurdles. The Nigerian actually broke the world record in the semi-finals and went faster in the final, but then there was a lot of wind.

Amosan breaks the world record

To enjoy the spectacle, you had to be in the 100m hurdles at the World Championships in Athletics. Outgoing World Champion Nia Ali literally pulled out of the series, allowed Ann Zaghari to take it all back on her own and on the last day Toby Amosan surprised everyone in the semi-finals.

The Nigerian raced to win in an improbable 12′ 12, diving more than 8 per cent below world record American Kendra Harrison, who has been on the tables since 2016. Amosan also ran 28 milliseconds faster than the African record 12. 40 that she had put into the series.

Amosan wasn’t the only one to go so fast in the semi-finals. 12″52, the time I took gold in the previous World Cup, turned out not to be good enough to secure a place in the final. He raised eyebrows at Michael Johnson. The four-time Olympic champion wondered on Twitter if the time-recording was working correctly.

“I don’t think the times in the 100m hurdles are correct. The world record was broken by 8 milliseconds! Top 12 personals, 5 national records. All the athletes looked shocked.”

There was no stopping for Amosanne in the final either. She took another six milliseconds off her new world record at 12″ 06, but this time with a lot of tailwind. So no WR, but gold for the 25-year-old Nigerian. Jamaican-British Anderson took the silver, bronze went To Olympic Champion Yasmine Camacho Quinn.

Watch the standard race for Amosan

Amosan goes faster in the final, but with a big tailwind

Ingebrigtsen gets his fine

Jacob Ingbrigtsen had to make up for it in the 5000m final. In the 1500 meters, in which he became the Olympic champion in Tokyo, the Norwegian surprisingly missed the world title. Then the gold went to Britain’s Jake Whiteman.

But in the 5,000m race, Ingbrigets was not surprised. He got in on the last lap as captain and turned the pace to another level. The rest had to be released, and Ingebrigtsen raced to win his first world title in 13’09” 24. The silver went to Kenya’s Jacob Krupp, and the bronze went to Oskar Chelemo of Uganda.

Mu makes American sports history

In the 800m, gold went to the top of the favorites list Athing Mu. The American seemed to storm the world title with his fingers in his nose, but Mo was tired in the last 100 meters and Britain’s Kelly Hodgkinson still insisted. Mo finished at 1’56” 30 and was barely eight milliseconds ahead of Hodgkinson.

In Tokyo, 20-year-old Mo was only the second American to win an Olympic gold medal in the 800m, and in Eugene she became the first American to win a world title in the double track tour.

Four in a row for Mihambo

Malaika Mihambo began competing in the long jump with two zero jumps, but in the end the German achieved her favourite. She overcame the competition with a 7.12m jump.

For Mihambo, this is her fourth consecutive title. In 2018, she won gold at the European Championships, in Doha she was crowned world champion in 2019, and last summer she also won at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Mayer wins the decathlon

In the decathlon, the battle was decided only in the last two parts. Canadian Pierce Lepage started as the lead in javelin throwing, but had no story against world record holder Kevin Mayer.

The Frenchman jumped from third to the lead with a throw of 70.31 meters and did not concede it in the 1500 metres. Mayer won the gold with 8816 points, and Lapage won the silver. American Zachary Zemick won the bronze.

Olympic champion David Warner faced a disastrous scenario on the first day of the decathlon. The Canadian was in front after four parts, but was injured in the 400 metres.

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