December 6, 2022

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Wetenschap of pure slapstick: Uitleg NTR in 2020 van onderbouwing van 1,5 meter - 42616

Science or pure clowning? – Maurice de Hond

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On May 11, 2020, the NTR program “Kennis van Nou” was explained what the 1.5-meter distance is based on. Airplane outbreak in 2003 with SARS-1 virus, which clearly spread through the air. When you watch the video, you realize what a comic actually is and how we have been misled.

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NTR program at 1,5 meters

By chance, I saw a short (4 minutes) video that I shot in mid-May 2020 as a result of the TV broadcast of the NTR “De Kennis van NU” program. He explained where the 1.5-meter distance rule came from. The theory was proven in an airplane in Schiphol where Professor D. Fritz Roosendaal, professor of clinical epidemiology, came to explain. There was a major outbreak of SARS on a flight from Hong Kong to Beijing in 2003. One person infected more than 20 other passengers.

The plane showed where that person was sitting and where the other injured passengers were as well.

When I watched this program in May 2020, I fell out of my seat in amazement. Now that I look back, two years later, I can really just consider it a joke. And a perfect illustration of how a smart (very friendly) guy can’t see what’s actually happening right in front of his eyes.

His concluding sentences in particular are characteristic of how the vast majority of experts around the world were preoccupied with their doctrines at the time, as evidenced by this report from the World Health Organization at the time.

Unfortunately, we still find significant remains of it. For example, I read a position paper for a researcher from TNO, who will also be discussing ventilation in the House on Monday. If you read it Then you feel that this man is not keeping pace with developments in the world.

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Professor Dr. Rosendal responded when asked, and I respect that very much. He says ventilation is important. But because he doesn’t distance himself from his sayings afterwards, he posted the video. Don’t laugh at it, but specifically to show how dogmas ensure that you don’t want or can’t see what’s really going on.

This is the video.

And this is the plan of the aircraft in question, which will be the basis for maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters. Person X infected 20 other passengers. The circle is 1.5 meters around the X. The green is the distance (5.5 meters) from the farthest passenger.

Pure science or slapstick: NTR explained in 2020 with 1.5m proof - 42614

But people in the Netherlands still refuse to admit that the vast majority of infections are caused by inhaling virus particles for a while. This is through a file Delta Ventilation Project Corona outbreak and influenza epidemic will be greatly reduced.

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