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Scratches after washing?  Repair costs are not covered by this car insurance. |  MyGuide

Scratches after washing? Repair costs are not covered by this car insurance. | MyGuide

independentSunny and dry weather for a long time: This also means that there is a solid layer of dust on your car. So it’s time to wash it a bit more, so it looks all put together. But what if the paint was damaged during the wash or because of your negligence or during the car wash? Independent.be Offer tips.

What if you scratch yourself while washing?

Only if you have one full aluminium You are insured for damage that you yourself cause to your car. In this case, you can report the damage to your insurance company.

But: Take into account the deductible from your insurance and the premiums, which increase with each claim. If you have a claim, you’re a few steps back on the reward ladder for claims-free years. Thus you pay a higher premium for a number of years.

Benefit from it: Five things many of us didn’t know about our claims-free years.

Especially if there are just a few scratches, it’s wise not to just report the damage to the insurance company, but to pay for the repair yourself. Or you can try to disguise the damage yourself. A paint pen for removing surface scratches costs less than 20 euros. Just make sure you know the exact color of your car. It is located on the chassis number. Using the color code, you can then order the appropriate paint pen online or from your distributor.

Do you only have one Bachelor’s degree insurance, then you have to pay for repairing your car yourself. After all, civil liability insurance only compensates for the damage that you cause to the other party, if you cause an accident. Also Small omnium It does not cover personal damage, nor damage caused by vandalism.

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Is full comprehensive insurance important to you? Read more about the unique coverages of this formula here.

What if you have scratches after visiting the car wash?

Don’t be fooled. Even though there is a sign saying “we are not responsible for accidents” when you enter the car wash: the car wash attendant must ensure that your car leaves the car wash undamaged.

That is why it is important to take a good look at your car after every wash. If a brush makes a scratch on the vehicle, the operator is responsible and you must complete a collision form with them. Then you report the accident to your insurance company.

Scratches in the paint reduce the value of your car: But these factors also affect the resale value of your car.

Note: Follow the instructions

If your car gets damaged because you don’t follow the car wash attendant’s instructions, you are responsible. For example, if you don’t put your vehicle’s equipment into neutral when told to do so, you’ll have to pay for any damage yourself.

Same thing if you hit the pole and you have a strong bend in your frame. In this case, the same rules apply as above: only with a full Omnium, you are insured for your damage.

advice: It’s an excellent idea to check your car insurance regularly: this way you always have the cover that works best for you. Independer.be helps you compare through the box below.

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