February 5, 2023

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Secret documents were also found with former Vice President Mike Pence

Secret documents have also now been found in the private home of former US Vice President Mike Pence.

It is said that about a dozen documents were found by the attorney for Republican Mike Pence. The man then reported the discovery to the National Archives. The FBI and the US Department of Justice have launched an investigation into how the documents ended up in Pence’s private home in Indiana. This was first reported by CNN, but has since been confirmed by multiple sources. According to sources, Pence had his attorney search through some documents for potentially classified copies. It is still not clear what is in the documents. The FBI had meanwhile recovered the documents.

According to his attorney, Pence took action himself after dozens of classified documents were found in the office and home of current President Joe Biden in recent weeks. It dates back to the period (2009-2017) when Biden was Vice President of the United States. Biden himself also reported the discovery of the documents. The letter, which Pence sent to his lawyer, said that, according to Reuters, Pence began searching his files “with great caution.”

About 300 classified files were found on the premises of former President Donald Trump during raids by the FBI last year. The Ministry of Justice is investigating. It is alleged that Trump deliberately took these documents to Florida from Washington after his presidency. US media reported that Trump’s files may contain nuclear secrets.

Both Trump and Biden are under investigation by a “special counsel.” The important difference between the two is that Trump has many documents and he has not returned them despite repeated questions. Biden himself reported them when they were found.

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