September 21, 2023

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look.  The famous Instagram elevator collapses in a Bali resort: five workers die  outside

look. The famous Instagram elevator collapses in a Bali resort: five workers die outside

Five employees at a luxury resort in Bali were killed on Friday when the hotel’s elevator cable broke. Then the Instagram-famous glass elevator fell 300 meters into a ravine.


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New York Post, Bali Sun, ABC News

Two men and three women housekeeping staff at the Ayuterra Resort in Bali were in the elevator around 1pm when the cable snapped. The young employees range in age from 19 to 24 years old and are all of Indonesian origin. Two of them died instantly, while the other three died later in hospital.

Police Commissioner Maddy Oder said that the rope that pulled the elevator was not strong enough, which led to it breaking. “The steel rope was not strong enough to lift the weight, which was very heavy. The brakes did not work, causing the elevator to slide at high speed and this accident could not have been prevented,” the Bali Sun reported. “As a result, the five occupants of the elevator died.”

Police are investigating whether negligence played a role in the accident. © X: Detektif Kenangan/@misterdetektif

Bali’s deputy governor, Kok Ise, who is also president of the Bali Hotel and Restaurant Association, reviewed the hotel’s safety documents after the incident. “This is the first time this has happened. “I have looked at the permits, especially regarding the use and safety of the work and regarding the condition of the lift,” he said. “An independent consultant from a routine inspection in November 2022 said it was still OK and had passed Only 8 months since they announced it was still safe,” he added. He added that Bali police would lead the investigation. The resort’s guests have been moved to another location while the investigation and grieving period continues.

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Luxury resort in Bali.
Luxury resort in Bali. © Ayuterra Resort

The Instagram-famous elevator was used by tourists and staff alike between the hotel’s upper floors and down the canyon rim to the basement facilities. The glass elevator created stunning photos on social media and was therefore very popular with tourists.

The resort’s owner, Lingawati Utomo, said he would pay for the burial costs of the deceased. He reportedly paid the families of the deceased nearly €4,000 to dissuade them from taking legal action against the resort.

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