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Sergio returns as presenter: “Then I thought I was the guy, my diagnosis is different now” |  television

Sergio returns as presenter: “Then I thought I was the guy, my diagnosis is different now” | television

televisionThe most eye-catching name for the Fall VTM? Sergio Quisquatre (56). The checkered granite TV piece reappears as a prequel on “De Sterkste Handen” years later. Meeting with the station from which he departed at that time. “My life was very fleeting at the time and I was alive,” he recalls. “Now I go back with a clear vision.”

twelve years old. It’s been a long time since Sergio Quisquatre introduced the show. But now his return is real. He thinks VTM’s request from him is a token of appreciation. “Of course I’m happy, but it’s not like I’m waiting by the phone. It’s out of your control that it took so long. Broadcasters are asking you out. But a Brabant draft horse like me would fit into this programme, they must have thought.”

Next to Natalia (40), Sergio presents “The Strongest Hands” this fall. A competition in which ten hard-working Flemish people – from docker to driver to railroad worker – push their limits. “A program where people really work,” Sergio winked. Candidates take the exams, individually and collectively, at a price I can’t disclose yet. But the good thing is that no one can lose weight during competition. I had fun, and we clicked on Natalia too. It’s folk like me, we say it as it is. we became friends “.


The second season of “De Foote Quiz” 2009. This is the last program presented by Sergio. But there was a time when the viewer found Sergio on TV. On One, he made three seasons of “Fata Morgana” with Geena Lisa, before leaving exclusively for VTM at the end of 2006. He was the face of “De Foute Quiz”, “Ranking the Stars” and “Stars on the ice” in the first year. In the last two years of his contract, however, he barely appeared on screen. “VTM didn’t play the game right after that,” Sergio said.

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Now, he explains, “I’m not going back to the past anymore.” Corona has taught us that we can be happy because we are still breathing and you cannot live on the past alone. I’m just looking forward. That doesn’t mean I won’t give my opinion anymore, I just hope I don’t do it at the wrong times this time.”

Elephant or shrew

The all-new VTM face admits he could have done things differently himself. “Now I’m going back with a clearer view,” Sergio says. “I thought I was the guy then, but my diagnosis is different now. My life was so fleeting at the time and I was alive. I didn’t take into account the end result that came on screen. It was like: ‘Fort, it’s over again and move on to the next. “.

“In the meantime, I’ve matured,” Sergio continues. “I’m less energetic and exaggerated than I used to be.” The presenter takes his job more seriously. “After the test, I noticed that I am getting too loud, now I try to do it more moderately. I would never have done such a test before. I will tweak that, but as much as possible of course. You can’t turn an elephant into a shrew.”

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