April 21, 2024

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'De Blauwbloezen' screenwriter Raoul Coffin dies at the age of 82 |  interior

‘De Blauwbloezen’ screenwriter Raoul Coffin dies at the age of 82 | interior

Belgian screenwriter Raoul Coffin has passed away. This was announced by publishing house Dupuis on Friday. Cauvin is best known for “De Blauwbloezen” and “Sammy” and also wrote the first stories of the children’s TV series “Musti”. He passed away on Thursday at the age of 82.

“The diwan is a practical tool. In almost every room in the house there is one room or something like it.” He said that he could not think properly if he was not elongated.

In May, the screenwriter announced in a blog that he had cancer and that he would only live a few months. “Unlike some, I didn’t want to go all of a sudden and surprise. I’d rather take a while to warn you.”

In 1968 he released “The Man with Fifty Million Albums” with Luis Salverius “De Blauwbloezen”, a comic strip set against the backdrop of the American Civil War. After Salvrius’ death, Willie Lampel took up painting in 1972.

Featuring the cartoon characters Blutch and Chesterfield, De Blauwbloezen will become one of Dupuis’ bestsellers, with more than fifteen million copies sold in French and countless translations spread across Europe.

50 million albums sold

The publishing house not only calls him “a genius of extraordinary modesty”, but also praises the man as famous, funny and irresistibly amazing. Captured by “the humorous adventure canons and mechanics of the gag,” Cauvin has seduced several generations of readers and sold more than fifty million albums, according to Dupuy.

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Blue blouses. © rv

“His biggest series has already been included in the comics suite,” says Dupuy, referring to “Women in Intelligence” (Les femmes en blanc), “G. Raf Zirk (Pierre Tomball), “Agent 212” (L’agent 212), “De Psy” (Les psy), “Cédric” and of course “De Blauwbloezen” (Les tuniques bleues).

Cauvin announced in 2019 that he would stop working as a screenwriter for ‘De Blauwbloezen’. An album by other screenwriters was already released last year, and this tape also had a different artist. This was number 65 in the series. Publication of issue 64, the last by Raoul Coffin, Publishing House has been postponed until later this year.

At the end of April, a renovated plaza bearing his name was opened in Coffin’s hometown, Antoine in Hainaut, in the presence of Walloon Minister of Local Authorities Christophe Collignon and Minister of Defense Ludivine Didonder.

Blue blouses.

Blue blouses. © rv