April 22, 2024

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Angelina Jolie on Instagram for the first time: “She wants to amplify the voice of women and youth in Afghanistan” |  Famous

Angelina Jolie on Instagram for the first time: “She wants to amplify the voice of women and youth in Afghanistan” | Famous

FamousUntil recently, she wasn’t anywhere on social media, but Angelina Jolie, 46, is now taking to Instagram with a message she received from an Afghan refugee. In this way, the Oscar-winning actress wants to speak out about the turmoil that is reigning in the country once again and the women and children who are now at great risk.

Angelina Jolie joined Instagram today. She dedicated her first post to the current situation in Afghanistan, where countless Afghans are at risk from the rise of the Taliban. The actress wrote with a photo of a handwritten letter: “This is a letter I received from a teenage girl in Afghanistan.” Currently, the people of Afghanistan are losing their ability to communicate through social media and speak freely. That’s why I created Instagram to share the stories of those who are fighting for their basic human rights in this world.”

Jolie continues a story about her own experience with Afghanistan. I was on the Afghan border two weeks before 9/11 and met Afghan refugees who had fled the Taliban. That was twenty years ago. It is upsetting to see Afghans displaced once again by the fear and insecurity that grip their country. Spending so much time and money, bloodshed and loss of life and then arriving at this result is an almost incomprehensible failure.” Jolie is known for her keen commitment to human rights. She is also an envoy to the United Nations.

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“Watching how Afghan refugees – among the most capable people in the world – have been treated as a burden for decades is also upsetting. Knowing how much they could do for themselves, if they had the resources and respect. I met so many women and girls who didn’t want to have Not only education, but also fought for it, ”the actress continues. “Like other committed people, I will not turn my back on them. I will continue to look for ways to help. I hope you will join me.”

Jolie’s friend tells People why a mother of six thought it was time to take advantage of social media. “Angie felt compelled to go to social media to amplify the voice of women and youth in Afghanistan.” Afghanistan was occupied almost immediately by the Taliban when US forces – which had kept the Taliban in stalemate – left after 20 years.

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