February 26, 2024

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Severe weather in Scotland: Cars stuck in snow for miles in Scotland |  outside

Severe weather in Scotland: Cars stuck in snow for miles in Scotland | outside

Storm Gerrit is causing serious inconvenience in Scotland and northern England. Several motorists were caught in a snowstorm in the Scottish Highlands.

The cars are on the A9, Scotland's main road linking Falkirk near Edinburgh with Thurso on the north coast. According to British media, there is a line that extends for miles.

The traffic jam is between the towns of Drumochter and Dallwynney. The drivers are trapped in their cars and emergency services are now doing everything they can to free them.

Snow plow

A driver shared on X this afternoon that there was a severe storm and drifting snow. “We didn't move for two and a half hours. I've seen a snow plow so far,” he says.

According to the BBC, electricity was cut off for 18,500 people in northern Scotland.

The British Met Office has declared code yellow in several places in Scotland. There is a warning of heavy rain and snow for the Scottish east coast, in the Central Belt (the northern part of the Scottish Lowlands, the most densely populated area of ​​Scotland) and for the Scottish Highlands.

Winds could also be a problem on the west coast, east coast and highlands until midnight (1pm Belgium time). Code yellow has also been announced for this purpose.

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Southern Scotland is bracing for heavy rain again. Scottish Prime Minister Humza Yousaf exchanged messages from the Meteorological Service warning of floods.

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Train tracks have already been submerged in water in several places. The railway line between Carlisle in northwest England and Lockerbie in southern Scotland was closed. Today, railway companies called on their passengers not to travel.

British Airways canceled eighteen flights.