May 26, 2024

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Shooting at Six Flags Illinois theme park: Three injured, no deaths |  Abroad

Shooting at Six Flags Illinois theme park: Three injured, no deaths | Abroad

Three people were injured in a shooting in a parking lot at Six Flags theme park in Gurnee, Illinois. The police confirm it. A 17-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman sustained minor leg injuries and were taken to hospital. A third person was injured in the shoulder but refused to go to hospital. There were no deaths.

At about 8 pm local time, the police received a call that shots had been fired in the parking lot of the amusement park. Police say a car drove into the parking lot, after which some suspects got down near the entrance and started shooting at another person. The occupants of the car fled shortly thereafter.

Tonight’s shooting was not an arbitrary act, but rather an intentional accident outside the park. So there was no active shooter in the park.” The amusement park in Gurnee, about 40 miles from Chicago, closed early due to the accident.

‘People fled in panic’

Visitor Michael Pontrelli was in the park with his family when the shooting occurred. He told CNN that he saw a group of people running out of the entrance in panic. “We saw a swarm of parents taking out their children, so my family and I hid between two walls,” he said. “The agents, armed and escorted everyone out,” Pontrelli said.

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Six Flags also responded to the incident. “We spend most of our time, talent, and resources on safety and security,” the amusement park spokesperson said. Preventive measures are in place inside and outside the park to protect visitors and team members. We continue to update and improve our protocol daily to ensure the highest level of security is provided.”

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